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Samples, presets, patches, impulses
Massive X Wavetables for Serum, Dune, Hive, Pigments, etc. screenshot
P2P | July 08 2019 | 204MB/220MB
There are two options here. The first one was made by the well known music producer / synth programmer Echo Sound Works. The second one was made by a member on reddit called GypsyDigital. I played around with both and they seem to be very close but slightly different, but nonetheless equal in quality. The Reddit one has an extra folder called 'Remastered', don't know what's in it that's not in the other.

Message from ESW:

Message from Reddit member GypsyDigital:

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Cool to have the tables. So you don't have to work with that disgusting Massive X GUI.

Everytime is see that GUI it makes me want to close it immediately and replace the plugin by another VST.
  Member 16.08.2018 12
They made a mistake with Massive X... The original Massive was an incredible vst that a lot of people used, the community was big and the vst had it's great posibilities. (Still has).
This X... when they said that this wasn't a replacement for the original Massive i knew that something was wrong... why would you use that name? Just to get some attention. They should have used the original Massive as a base, put some wavetables, a few more oscillators, polished performance and the gui a little and that would have been gold. This is a meh.
  Member 27.01.2014 30
It's only been out a week or so, I think it will gain momentum and a fanbase just like its predecessor, just too soon currently. Ive been using it and I really like it.
  Resident 12.03.2014 436
We know how well a vsti is performing, by seeing how many soundbanks are being released.
Massive..sylenth... they both got over 1'000 soundbanks... probably 1'600+ for sylenth1.... still today, there are people releasing soundbanks for it (after 1600 soundbanks of 128 sounds each, is it really possible to create fresh new sounds...?)
Spire...also got 500...600+ soundbanks.

For example, Waldorf Largo, an amazing vsti... there are what, 5...10 commercial soundbanks available for it...

Let's see how massive X will perform. ..
If suddenly, 10 new soudbanks are released, on a daily basis, and all sound designers start making sounds for it, maybe...

Also, sylenth and massive became ultra popular, because by that time, lots of new/famous artists started making youtube videos, on which they were using those synths...

HOW many tens of thousands of guys started using fl studio... sylenth1... after watching a video with martin garrix...

So far, massive x reviews/opinions aren't that great. Everybody is saying the product needed a few extra months of polish. .
Maybe people were expecting too much, from this new massive... (when i see the final result, i think it took far too long, for what it offers...)
  Resident 23.12.2009 2 1019
but then you miss the awesome modulation and great sounding effects :)
  Member 9.07.2019 6
quote by hANDwASHbut then you miss the awesome modulation and great sounding effects

But with this waves we have it from another synth (serum, pigments, etc)
  Resident 23.12.2009 2 1019
yeah indeed ! just wanted to mention it, tr the fm modulation in massive x , it is very juicy :) and the non linear effect... . . .. the gui still suxx yes. <3
  Resident 20.03.2018 244
Thanks for the hard work for these tables! <3
  Member 1.04.2019 8
guys,Reddit or ESW?
  Member 18.04.2019 1 11
NI says there are 170 wavetables while the archieve contains only 130 where are the other 40?
BTW the wavetables are excellent and best i've ever seen.
Thnx for sharing.
  Resident 28.03.2015 202
Collected the wavetables, credited the guys who did the work, quoted their posts, and even provided zippy links

What a fuckin hero
  Member 2.06.2019 7
LOL They suck in this VST, why would I need them for much better synths with a lot more then the handful of wavetables from this crappy new synth
  Resident 23.12.2009 2 1019
anyone ripped the noises ?
  Resident 30.03.2018 66 616
quote by hANDwASHanyone ripped the noises ?

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