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Samples, multi-libraries, sound effects, loops
Orphey - Birds Singing Sound Effects Library(MP3/WAV) screenshot
You will accomplish a surprising trip on all six continents and will enjoy the songs of birds in the different corners of Earth. Sound Effects Library include 27 tracks (Birds Singing & Background samples). In these sound samples you will hear the “Arboreal thrush”, “Edible mushroom”, “Sparrows”, “Falcon”, “Woodpeckers”, “Purple chaffinch”, “Baltimore European oriole”, “Bog European oriole”, “Crow”, “Cormorant”, “Green heron”, “Jays”, “River bird choir” and more.
Backgrounds: “Sunrise”, “Sunset is in Carolina”, “Twilights are in Georgia”, “Sunset on Misissipi” etc.
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SUPPORT for new soundbanks,plugins and more:
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NOTE: In case anyone's interested, these are lovely bird sound recordings, but thy are ripped from a cd, with no labeling except "track 1, track 2",etc... so if you were hoping to learn which birds make which songs you're out of luck. :-) Still, lovely environments to play in the background while you eat breakfast and go about your day.

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You're absolutely right. I often worry about the confused energy created when people are mixing together e.g. morning birdsong from the UK countryside with Brazilian Amazon evening jungle insects atmosphere. Good nature sounds library makers will always tell the locations and names of the animals so that you can build something that makes sense.
When I get this one, I'll be able to create something
  Resident 7.01.2008 1231
MANY THANK ArticStorm !

Here you can watch live as a young scream- eagle grows up . Nonstop cam. :
STOP torturing intelligent animals to raise fur .
Finaly punish fur 'breeders'

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