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[dead] Dancehall Accapellas All (Vol.1 - Vol.11) screenshot

Format: 128-320 kbps, 44100Hz, 16 bit, Stereo MP3's

Dancehall Accapellas Vol. 1

Format: 112-193 kbps, 16bit, 44100Hz Stereo mp3's


Baby Cham - Babylon Bwoy
Baby Cham - Man A Man
Beenie Man - Badman Nah Inna Dat
Beenie Man - Memories
Bongo Chilli - Everyday
Bounty Killer - Life Dissapear
Capleton - Tour
Mr Vegas - Under Mi Sensi
Sizzla - Pump Up Her Pum Pum
Spragga Benz - How You Look Sexy So

Dancehall Accapellas Vol.2

Format: 96-256kbps, 16bit, 44100Hz, Stereo or Mono mp3's


Assasin - Step Pon Dem (Military)
Assasin - To Make Duppy
Beenie Man - No Battyboy Can Buddy We
Beres Hammond - Murder (Black Culture Dub)
Bounty Killer - Nuh Smile Up
Bounty Killer - Resturant
Bounty Killer - Anything Inna Wi War
Bounty Killer - Badman Bible
Bounty Killer - High Grade Forever
Bounty Killer - Killa Is a Killa (edit)
Bounty Killer - Leader
Bounty Killer - Sadda Dem (Matrix Special)
Bounty Killer - Top A Top
Burning Spear - Jah No Dead
Capleton - Bunn Out Chi Chi
Capleton - Or Wah
Chuck Fender - I Swear (Dub)
Cutty Ranks - Limb By Limb
Junior Kelly - Love
Sizzla - Karati
Sizzla - I Was Born
Sizzla - Nah Apologize
Sizzla - Neva Wanna Heard a Dem
Sizzla - Praise Ye Jah (jingle)
Spragga Benz - Pussy
Vybz Kartel - K.I.L.L.I.N.G.
Vybz Kartel - Like Chair Likkle Lady

Dancehall Accapellas Vol. 3

Format: 128-320kbps, 16bit, 44100Hz, Stereo mp3's


Aidonia - Uptown Downtown
Alozade - Chi Chi Dem
Baby Cham - Bun Fassy
Bling Dawg - Why You Acting Bad
Bounty Killer & Angel Doolas - Fitness
Buju Banton - Vigilante
Buju Banton - Untold Stories
Busy Signal - Gyal Dem Chune
Capleton - Killing Your Sound
Capleton - Who You Call a Nigger
Elephant Man - Head Gawn
Rayvon - No Guns No Murder
Richie Spice - Marijuana
Super Cat - Scalp Dem
Garnet Silk - Lion Heart

Dancehall Accapellas Vol.4

Format: 128-320kbps, 16bit, 44100Hz, Stereo mp3's


Beenie Man Ft Ms Thing - Dude
Beres Hammond - They Gonna Talk
Beres Hammond - What Can You Do To Stop A Sound
Buju Banton & Cocoa Tea - Go Home Soundbwoy
KMC - Soca Bashment
Movado - Give Me A Call
Sizzla - Blaze Up Di Challowah
Sizzla - Ultimate Hustla
Tony Matterhorn - Dutty Wine (*not fully accapell'ed, still contains other elements)

Dancehall Accapellas Vol.5

Format: 128-256*, 16bit, 44.1kHz*, Stereo, MP3 files


Assasin - How We Roll
Assasin - To Make Money
Assasin - We A Bad From
Assasin & Capleton - The Plan
Beenie Man - Memories
Bounty Killer - Scare Him
Bounty Killer - Murderer
Bounty Killer - You Just Get Shot
Bounty Killer - Noh Business
Bounty Killer - Badman Bible
Bounty Killer - Killa Is A Killa [*96kbps]
Buju Banton - Shilo [*short]
Busy Signal - Born & Grow
Capleton - Cant Tan Ya
Capleton - Dash Fire
Capleton - Fire Time
Capleton - Inna Her Heart
Capleton - I Love To See
Capleton - Killing Your Sound
Capleton - Who You Call A Nigger
Elephant Man - Shizzle My Nizzle
Sizzla - Give Me A Try [*32kHz]
Sizzla - Just One Of Those Days
Sizzla - Solid As A Rock
Spragga Benz - Pussy
Spragga Benz - Your Body Good
Spragga Benz - Wow
Tanya Stephens - What A Day

Dancehall Accapellas Vol.6

Format: 128-320* kbps, 16 bit, 41 kHz, Stereo* MP3 files


Assasin - Dem Nuh Know We
Asassin - Hyping Up
Baby Cham - Suck Yuh Mama
Beenie Man - Freestyle
Beenie Man - Picture This
Bounty Killer - Life Disappear
Bounty Killer - Badman Bible
Bounty Killer - Gun Click
Bounty Killer - Killa Na Trace
Bounty Killer - Stush War
Bounty Killer - Fed Up
Bounty Killer - Raging Storm
Capleton - Soundboy Judgement
Capleton - Or Wah (*mono, 96kbps)
Cocoa Tea - We Do The Killing
Lil Jon & Elephant Man - Get Low
Mr Vegas - Under Mi Sensi
Sizzla - Cop Killa
Sizzla - Dry Cry
Sizzla - Give It To Dem
Sizzla - Neva Wanna
Sizzla - Be Strong
Tanto Metro & Devonte - No Star
Vybz Kartel & Baby Cham - Guns Alone
Vybz Kartel - Why U Doing It
Vybz Kartel - Sen Sen Sen On

Dancehall Accapellas Vol.7

Format: 128-192* kbps, 16 bit, 41kHz, Stereo, MP3 files.


Baby Cham - Babylon Bwoy (*mono)
Beenie Man - Dancehall Queen (*112kbps)
Bounty Killer - Stop A Stop (not fully accapella'd)
Busy Signal & Kenny - Shake It Fast
Capleton - Tour
Chuck Fender - I Swear
Damian Marley - Welcome To Jamrock
Elephant Man - War Na Done
Fanton Mojah - Kill Sound
Futre Troubles - Kill A Sound
Jigsy King - Gimme Di Weed
Lexxus - (unknown title) (*mono, 48kbps, 32kHz)
Mad Cobra - (unknown title)
Richie Spice - Earth A Run Red
Richie Spice - Marijuana
Shabba Ranks - Shot A Fire
Sizzla - Cyaan To Much
Sizzla - Praise Ye Jah (*jingle)
Sizzla - Dem A Wonder
Sizzla - Get To The Point (*mono)
Sizzla - Holding Firm
Vybz Kartel - Nuh Throw Word
Vybz Kartel - Tek Buddy Gal
Wayne Marshall - Feeling It

Dancehall Accapellas Vol.8

Format: 128-320kbps*, 44100Hz, 16 Bit, Stereo* MP3's


Assasin - Hyping Up
ARP - Tinted Car
Beenie Man - Dude
Bounty Killer - Cant Believe Me Eye
Bounty Killer - Chrome Baretta
Bounty Killer - Stand Firm
Bounty Killer - You Just Get Shot
Buju Banton - Boom Bye Bye
Capleton - Inna Heart (*mono)
Capleton - All Mine
Elephant Man - Cok Up Yuh Bumpa
Elephant Man - Head Gawn
Elephant Man - Wine Up Yuhself
Elephant Man - Yes Yes Yes
Elephant Man - Nah Stop Smoke
Elephant Man - Die By Gun
Elephant Man - Krazy Hype
Elephant Man - Mad Instruments
Elephant Man - Over The Wall
Elephant Man - Stop (Good To Go)
Sean Paul - Ever Blazing
TOK - Fire Fire
TOK - Defence
Vybz Kartel - Picture Me And You (*64k)
Vybz Kartel - Tek Buddy Gal
Vybz Kartel - Tek Gunshot
Wayne Wonder - No Letting Go

Dancehall Accapellas Vol.9

Format: 128-320kbps, 16bit, 44100Hz, Stereo MP3's


Assasin - Hotta Dan Her
Bascom X - Lonely Clean
Beenie Man - Heart Attack
Baby Cham - Ghetto Story
Busy Signal - Brave & Bold
Busy Signal - Di Gun
Capleton - Dash Fire
Chezidek - Dont Wait Too Long
Chuck Fender - I Swear
Ding Dong - Bad Man Forward
Elephant Man - Too Badmind (OK)
Fanton Mojah - Hail Di King
Fanton Mojah - Hungry
Jah Cure - Longing For
Jah Cure - No Jumpan Can Test We
KMC & Beenie Man - Soul On Fire
Mad Cobra - Chat So Much
Movado - Real McCoy
Richie Spice - Earth A Run Red
Richie Spice - Marijuana
Sizzla - Cyaan Too Much
Wayne Wonder – Blazing

Dancehall Accapellas Vol.10

Format: 192kbps, 16bit, 41000Hz, Stereo MP3's


Alozade & Hollow Point ft Mr Vegas - Under Mi Sensi
Baby Cham - Babylon Bwoy
Beenie Man - Brand
Beenie Man - Memories
Beenie Man - Love Me Now
Bounty Killer & Mobb Deep - Deadly Zone
Bounty Killer - Fed Up
Bounty Killer - Murderer
Capleton - I Love To See
Capleton - Mi Food
Capleton - Tour
Danny English & Egg Nog - Party Time
Elephant Man - Elephant Message
Elephant Man - Pon Di River
Lil Jon & Elephant Man - Get Low Remix
Mad Cobra - Big It Up
Mr Vegas - Pull Up

Dancehall Accapellas Vol.11

Format: 112-192 kbps, 44100Hz, 16 bit, Stereo MP3's


Sizzla & Bounty Killer ft Morgan - You've Got Me
Spragga Benz - Yuh Body Good
Tanto Metro & Devonte - Everyone Falls In Love
Tanya Stephens - What A Day
Voicemail - Bounce To Dis
Alozade - Surf The Volume
Beenie Man - Dancehall Queen
Beenie Man - Picture Dis
Bounty Killer - Run Come
Buju Banton & Red Rat - unknown title
Buju Banton - Immigration Law
Buju Banton - Legalise It
Buju Banton - Sensimillia Persecution

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