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Tune Live

Simplify automating Antares Auto-Tune Realtime X and Auto-Tune Realtime Advanced with Ableton Live.

Tune Live is a set of four Max For Live MIDI plugins:

Tune Live X Automate
Tune Live X Preset
Tune Live Advanced Automate
Tune Live Advanced Preset

These plugins are designed to streamline the automation process of Antares Auto-Tune Realtime plugins for Universal Audio devices. With Tune Live, you have an automatable interface within Live that controls the parameters of Auto-Tune via MIDI.

No more trying to figure out the MIDI CC values needed to set your Auto-Tune values. Tune Live ensures that its parameter values displayed exactly match with those in the Auto-Tune plug-in. Any changes made to Tune Live's parameters will send the appropriate MIDI CC messages out of the plugin. From there, you can route them to UAD Console and Auto-Tune Realtime Advanced via a MIDI interface.

What makes Tune Live really powerful is that it enables you to automate Auto-Tune Realtime Advanced/X on Lives timeline, by automating Tune Live as an intermediary. Tune Live offers two different ways you can control its parameters with two types of interface: “Automate” and “Preset”

Tune Live Automate allows you to automate each Tune Live parameter on individual automation lanes. In the automation lane you will see the same values seen in the Auto-Tune plugin. This is quick and easy to use if you need to change just a couple of parameters per song, or if you have complicated auto-tune changes that involve changes mid song like using Target Notes.

Tune Live Preset allows you to save Tune Live's parameters as a preset. With this version the only available automation is for the preset menu. However, automating the preset menu offers a streamlined workflow: begin by creating your desired presets with the parameters, then name and save the values on the PRESETS interface. Once your presets are ready, program your automation for the preset menu to switch between presets whenever you need to change the Auto-Tune settings.

Tune Live's presets can be saved to a JSON file and recalled in a different Live session. To save your presets simply click the Export button and set the location and name you want to save it under on your hard drive. The exported file will save all of the presets in the preset menu. The presets of Tune Live Advanced and Tune Live X are not cross compatible, importing presets from one into the other will result in potentially incorrect values being set in Auto-Tune.

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