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REQ: HZE Geoforma screenshot
GEOFORMA is a ultimate One-Shot Sampler with Multi-Effects.

It offers a variety of DSP-based effects including Time Shifting Pitch Delays, Delay, Reverb, Tape, Waveshape, Arp, Reverse, Filter, and Modulations, enabling you to explore endless sonic possibilities.

Easily drag and drop your own audio files and sculpt them to perfection with our unique user interface.

Dive deeper into creativity by generating unique effect chains with just one click using the Randomize button.

You can start explore all the features and functions with 15 sound examples and over 70 additional presets.

GEOFORMA is an crazy accident machine that yields the best results through the loop mode and resampling of the played audio.

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  Member 2.11.2023 12
pls i need this!!

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