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REQ: SoundDrops Fullerton (Acqua Library) screenshot

The Fullerton Guitar Amp is a brand-new Acqua library for N4 by SoundDrops. It accurately reproduces the sound of a 1966 Twin (S/N A07091, based on the classic AB763 circuit) equipped with two original Jensen 12” speakers, captured in all their punchy glory and powerful clarity by four microphones (selectable in pairs), plus two different stereo room ambiences.
Great care has been taken in reproducing the exact same user experience as that of a real amplifier, down to minute details as the true-to-life scaled action of the various controls, the unique waveform of the opto-cell vibrato circuit, and the ever-popular, gorgeous reverb tone that made those 1960s guitar lines shine.

This amplifier has a strong personality of its own and reflects the sonic vision of its creator. Leo Fender had a specific tone in mind, a sound “like lemonade” that was defined by a scooped frequency balance favoring the highs and lows at the expense of a lighter midrange. Both his guitar and amp designs are a testament to both his ingenuity, and ultimately his success at achieving exactly what he set out to do. However, what Leo couldn’t imagine back then was the huge variety of musical contexts in which his creations would later leave their mark on contemporary music history.

Just like the real hardware that inspired its creation, the Fullerton Guitar Amp plugin is no exception. Its trademark clean tone is unmistakable, and always delivers classy results regardless of musical genre.

Fullerton handles its CPU load dynamically; the internal structure is designed in such a way to utilize only the system resources it actually needs at any given moment, depending on the settings chosen by the user. (For example, using one mic instead of two can considerably ease the system load.) This design choice is the reason why there is only one Fullerton plugin available; unlike previous SoundDrops release no “Light Edition” version is needed. This plugin is so adaptable that it can do it all!

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