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REQ: Armaku : Project New Horizons screenshot
As we introduce our new flagship packs: Pluto, Charon & Arrokoth, themed around the New Horizons space mission, we celebrate not just the technical triumphs but the spirit of exploration and discovery that drive us forward. Like New Horizons, we strive to push the boundaries of what is possible, seeking to inspire and uplift through our endeavors. This collection is a tribute to the passion, achievement, and positive impact of human curiosity on our collective quest for understanding and progress.

Project: New Horizons Sample Packs
Inspired by this monumental journey, "Project: New Horizons" encompasses three sample packs - Pluto, Charon, and Arrokoth. Each pack captures the essence of the space mission - exploration. Like the spacecraft's journey through space, these samples invite you to embark on your own creative voyage, pushing the boundaries of imagination and sound.

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  Member 11.07.2023 5 51
I'm willing to contribute if we can get a group together, send a pm
  Member 2.01.2024 3
Need this one!!

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