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The Lowest tuned Guitar Virtual Instrument

Over the last few years, the Jazzmaster® Baritone guitar has grown in popularity, and a bit of infamy with it's "Antigua finish". Given Otto Audio's ethos of heavy, low, heavier, what better time to bring this to the forefront?
Say hello to your new go to, Djaa Maasta™, for uniquely heavy tones in your mixes and tracks. This sampled Squier® Jazzmaster® Baritone was setup in C#1 Standard & then was tracked down all the way to F#0 -- That’s a chuggernaut of 22 steps down from E Std on a regular guitar... & 7 steps lower than the lowest tuned guitar sample library in the world!

Truly engineered to go LOWER than ever before in your productions.

The Instrument includes:
• Randomization technology + up to 16 round robins + 3x velocity layers= ultra realism
•11 + 1 articulations:
Sustains, Chugs, Chugs Downpick, Pinch Harmonics, Bends, Tremolo Picking, FX, + a special MAASTA multi-articulation (includes Dead Mutes, Sustains, Chugs & Pinch Harmonics) and different types of guitar techniques for modern heavy music.

Walkthrough and sound demos featuring our II II II II amp sim

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  Resident 2.06.2014 12 254
The Lowest tuned Guitar Virtual Instrument

Oh wow! So nasty! This is actually really useful as a virtual instrument since you wouldn't need to constantly recalibrate your axe when you downtune so low.
  Member 20.01.2024 2 26
Holy moly! First a request for the new Odin III and now this. I do hope santa comes early this year!
  Member 10.06.2020 22
Very much keen for this.

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