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Zero-G/Xfonic proudly present the latest addition to the Elements Series: KEPLER

Step into the extraordinary realm of Kepler, the pinnacle in hybrid scoring instruments! Crafted for visionary composers of epic cinematic scores and immersive video game soundtracks, Elements Kepler features an extensive array of 20 multi-sampled Kontakt instruments exploring dramatic synths and strings, thundering hybrid percussion, organic sound design textures, strange voices and celestial choirs. This monumental library embarks on a sonic odyssey that is sure to ignite boundless inspiration within your musical compositions.

Embodied within Kepler's vast sonic universe is the visionary artistry of Stefano Maccarelli, drawing profound inspiration from the iconic sonic landscapes of legendary composer Hans Zimmer for the Dune films, alongside the ground-breaking scores of Ludwig Göransson for Tenet and Oppenheimer.

Kepler transcends mere sound; it is a transformative sound toolkit meticulously engineered to seamlessly fuse with your creative process, sparking instantaneous innovation and pushing the boundaries of musical expression. Unleash the power of Kepler and embark on an unforgettable journey of sound exploration and artistic realization.


- 20 Multi-Sampled NKI Kontakt Instruments.
- Over 30Gb of 24bit, 48Khz samples.
- Core Designer with over 400 multi-sampled sound elements.
- Texture Designer with Organic Textures, Violins Textures, Choir Textures and more.
- Thousands of Cinematic Snapshot Presets with the Installer for the Core Designer and Texture Designer.
- Low Percussion, High Percussion, Folk Percussion with up to 12 Round Robins and 5 Dynamic Levels.
- Trailer Hit Kit with 6 Round Robins.
- Multi-Sampled Bass Instrument with 6 Round Robins and 5 Dynamic Levels.
- Whooshes, Booms, Risers and Stings.
- Male Vocal Drone with True Legato.
- Female Vocal Drone with True Legato
- Choir Breath Voxels with many different syllables.

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  Member 23.08.2015 1 321
I can smell the spice in the demos
  Member 26.01.2023 51
Hopefully we get this.
  Member 31.03.2024 1
this would be a nice library to play with
  Member 18.05.2024 1
Same, hope we will get this. I saw their demo video and the sounds of this library was amazing!

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