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REQ: discoDSP Corona 6.2 screenshot
Introducing discoDSP Corona, the ultimate Virtual Analog + Wave synthesizer that will revolutionize your music production!. With 3 VA + WAVE / SF2 oscillators and Roland® JP8080 modeled Super 7 unison, you can create a wide range of sounds that are unique to your music. The 16 oscillator combine modes allow you to create extensive timbres that will blow your mind. And with the 32 steps arpeggiator, you can create complex patterns and melodies with ease.

Dive into the future of sound synthesis with discoDSP Corona-the unparalleled fusion of Virtual Analog and Wave Synthesis, tailored to redefine your musical creations. Harness the capabilities of three VA / WAVE oscillators, complemented by the iconic Roland® JP8080 modeled Super 7 unison, and craft signature sounds that resonate with your musical soul.

Witness the magic of 16 oscillator combine modes and marvel at the rich, immersive timbres that will captivate your senses. Design intricate patterns and melodies effortlessly with a state-of-the-art 32-step arpeggiator.

Yet, the heart of Corona's brilliance lies in its dual zero-delay feedback filters. Revel in a genuine analog aura, a sound quality that's unparalleled and unattainable by any other synthesizer out there. Dictate your sonic journey with 8 destination matrix modulations, 4 LFOs, and 3 ADSR envelopes.

Corona comes power-packed with integrated effects: distortion, chorus, delay, and limiter-ensuring every track of yours is nothing short of a masterpiece. Why settle for the ordinary when the extraordinary awaits? Experience the evolution of sound with discoDSP Corona.

What's new:
Corona Release 6.2 introduces several updates including the classic skin now automatically switching to the dark variant, minor theme adjustments for an improved look and feel, optimized CPU usage for macOS GUI, a New Bank function, an update to Paradise from the included Sound Bank Expansion, and an upgraded core framework.

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  Member 10.05.2021 1 344
Their new price tag is quite ridiculous. It costs more then top class synth😂 the dev is on of the most arrogant I ever read on KVR forum🫡 every thread was a train wreck dev vs users.

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