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REQ: Tokyo Dawn Record (TDR) TDR Infrasonic screenshot
INFO: TDR Infrasonic addresses the predominantly inaudible low-frequency regions of a mix. This specialized filter operates in minimum and mixed phase mode, it features a continuously variable filter slope control, a dry mix option and an exotic range of filtering loss compensation methods: A dynamic bump mode and a set of harmonic generators help the operator to creatively compensate for any unwanted energy-loss introduced by the filtering process.

The plugin is an ideal choice when transferring material to a medium/environment of lower spectral bandwidth, such as disk mastering, audio cassettes, analogue broadcast or P.A. systems. The creative filtering compensation options further make it a valuable tool in all traditional recording, mixing, restoration, and mastering applications.

The plugin comes in a modern, freely resizable user interface. Its low frequency spectral analyzer offers exceptionally detailed insight into the lowest registers of a mix, down to DC.

Notable Features

- Minimum phase and mixed phase operation
- Continuously variable filter slope
- Various energy compensation options incl. a Dynamic Bump mode and Harmonic generators.
- Highly precise low frequency spectrum analyzer
- Freely resizable hardware accelerated user interface, full-screen capable

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  Moderator 4.06.2022 8 793
Looks like a handy tool. Thanks for bringing it to our attention
a wise man once said ... "Use PM for your love effusions, or rent a room. this is not fakebook here." - Olymoon (4.2.24 R.I.P.)
  Member 31.05.2021 2 55
seen this in a tutorial on yt, really helpful for the lowend. hope to see this soon

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