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REQ: Equinox Sounds Total MIDI : Ambient & Trance Chords screenshot

Hi everyone,
I have searched everywhere but didn't find this pack. There doesn't seem to be any piracy at all. It would be greatly appreciated if anyone has and shares it. Thanks a lot!

'Total MIDI: Ambient & Trance Chords' from Equinox Sounds includes their most popular collections featuring pad chord progressions in MIDI format suitable for Chillout, Ambient, Downtempo, Cinematic, Chill Trance, Emotional Trance, Ambient Trance and Dream Trance into one bundle. You'll get a total of 140 MIDI melodies. All phrases are 100% royalty-free.

'Total MIDI: Ambient & Trance Chords' includes the following individual products:
• Chillout MIDI Pad Chord Progressions 1
• Chillout MIDI Pad Chord Progressions 2
• Chillout MIDI Pad Chord Progressions 3
• Chill Trance MIDI Pad Chord Progressions
You'll get a total of 140 lush and laid-back MIDI pad chord progressions.

Suitable for:
• Chillout
• Ambient
• Downtempo
• Cinematic & TV Music
• Chill Trance
• Emotional Trance
• Ambient Trance
• Dream Trance

Bundle Details:
• 140 MIDI Pad Chord Progressions
• 100% Royalty-Free

About MIDI:
As these melodies are supplied in MIDI format, they will provide you with as much flexibility as possible. You can edit and transpose them, assign any sound you want and get your own and original melodic lines. The editing possibilities are endless as you can play the performances at any tempo or pitch without artefacts.

All phrases are 100% royalty-free and ready to be assigned to your favourite synth or sampler in your personal and commercial productions.

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