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REQ: Vengeance-Sound Avenger 2 Expansion Pack Hypertechno screenshot
The past is the future... Embark on a sonic journey into this new dancefloor hype with our "Hypertechno Expansion Pack" for VPS Avenger 2! 90's Rave meets modern Techno and EDM. Fast, energetic and full of wonderful oldschool melodies. Explore a universe of dynamic beats, driving basslines, pulsating arps, chopped vocals and mind-bending synths designed to propel your music into uncharted territories. Created by sound designer Stephan Endeman, this expansion pack features a lot of current club styles and chart hits. Ignite your creativity and elevate your productions with the next evolution of techno sounds. Step into the future of EDM with this must-have collection of Hypertechno sounds!

Attention: VPS Avenger version 2.0 minimum required!

this expansion adds to your library:

132 Avenger presets
21 new drumkits
21 new drum sequences
10 new granular samples
56 new multisamples
25 new osc shapes

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  Member 11.11.2014 17 189
We need Avenger 2 first....

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