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REQ: Angry Audio Chameleon C6s screenshot
For Radio & TV Live Stream !

Getting livestream loudness right can be tricky. There’s a thin line between compelling, listenable streaming audio and fatiguing annoyance. You need an audio processing guru to get it right !

Chameleon C6s Live Stream Processor sounds fantastic immediately !

Info :
C6s brings famous Chameleon adaptive audio processing to your computer. Fire it up and Chameleon listens to your content, evaluates every nuance in real-time and tweaks parameters to deliver consistent loudness and amazing clarity that grabs and holds streaming listeners.

C6s sounds fantastic immediately. You probably won’t want to touch it. But if you want to fine-tune a bit, C6s gives you some personality controls to influence Chameleon’s decision-making engine. Tell it “I need a touch less bass” or “make it a little more dense” and sit back — Chameleon does the rest.

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