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We wanted to make an old school-style drum machine. But we wanted to do it with 21st century sampling techniques: round-robin samples, multi-channel sounds, generative sequencers.

Drums that sound chunky, dry & tight - but also chatter with life.

Each drum was painstakingly recorded in large sets of hits which were then edited by ear to produce a tight set of 10 random hits which sound as close to identical as possible.

All the bass drum, snare, rimshot and tom samples were re-amped in Rockfield's 2 echo chambers. The resulting reverb samples can be blended as a separate channel:a vital extra building block for drum design.

The main control panel. Each drum has its own self-contained block with volume fader, pan, mute and solo. From here you have a huge amount of control when tweaking a preset kit, using the acoustic source channel knobs. Beat Tools patterns can be triggered using the PLAY button.

Requires KONTAKT 6 or KONTAKT 6 PLAYER version 6.8 or later

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  Member 5.11.2012 1 213
Very Cool!
  Member 22.09.2022 5
just saw the demo, it's really interesting drum machine with quality acoustic samples and all those JabaLiJiBooLiiBoOM! tricks...mmm I'm all in
  Member 24.11.2023 3
I've definitely been hunting for this

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