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REQ: JTC Guitar Dani Rabin Rhythmic Phrasing Masterclass screenshot
Hi, if someone could upload this course by the great Dani Rabin it would be much appreciated. Thanks

Dani Rabin Rhythmic Phrasing Masterclass

Master the “when and the where” of soloing with Dani Rabin’s JTC debut. A Masterclass which delivers a structure to understand essential rhythmic tools and then shows you how to apply them to elevate your improvised lines. A paradigm shift in phrasing.

What’s it about?

Dani invites you to focus on the rhythm of what you’re playing and in doing so, opens up a new way of approaching phrasing. It’s not about the notes you’re playing, but when you’re playing them.

This Masterclass focuses on subdivisions and delivers three core approaches to pull against them to create tension and release. Dani outlines every idea through in-depth lessons, which are laden with a range of pro-level takeaways ready to elevate your improvisations.

As well as primer exercises and licks, Dani also delivers two long-form solos that bring every approach and idea together. If you’re looking for a phrasing change-up, this is it.

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  Member 1.07.2014 50
this guy and his band is great

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