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REQ: Abletunes Retrotape Cassette screenshot
Retrotape is a vintage cassette emulation plugin that faithfully recreates the analog vibe, character, and imperfections of 80s cassette tape and deck.

Developed with precise attention to detail, it seamlessly adds authentic saturation, distortion, noise, and color to your productions, while keeping complete control over each parameter.

Retrotape isn't just a plugin; it's a time capsule, a tribute to an era where tape imperfections were an essential part of the music.

Whether you're a music producer, sound engineer, or a musician seeking that vintage sound, Retrotape is a perfect tool to infuse your productions with the warmth and color of a classic cassette tape deck.

📼 Instantly send your sound back in time

Age slider recreates gradual tape degradation and tape head wear to infuse your sound with character, just like the old days.

🔥 Saturation, overload, or distortion. You choose

Dirt slider lets you add all these effects and capture the sound of aged tape and cassette deck.

🎛️ That vintage warmth and tone

Add stereo imbalances, differential degradation, and unique EQ disparities with the Freq Resp slider.

⚙️ Cassette Deck Mechanics

Adjust the mechanics of a cassette deck with the Depth, Rate, and Jitter knobs. These controls simulate subtle wobbles, power supply fluctuations, and the quirks of aging tape machines.

🧭 Find your head azimuth

Use X and Y knobs to adjust tape head azimuth and add phasing issues, volume variations, and frequency imperfections.

🎚️ Easy tone shaping

Use a Bias slider to quickly adjust the brightness or warmth of sounds, while keeping overall balance and original sound.

📻 Noise Control

Choose from three noise types to add authenticity to your productions. Each noise type has its own unique character.

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  Member 15.09.2023 6 9
it looks promising i hope it sounds as it looks
  Member 10.05.2021 220
From the demo is nothing spectacular... but it looks sexy

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