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Introducing Loopmasters’ foray into the vibrant realm of ‘colorful production’ with Colour House. Crafted with precision, these royalty-free samples are made to ignite creativity and assist producers venturing into the flourishing world of color house music.

Drawing inspiration from colour bass, colour house music embraces a more laid-back tempo compared to its counterpart. The loops dance gracefully within the 126-132 BPM range, effortlessly melding with the unmistakable pulse of house music. While maintaining the genre’s distinct house beat, this iteration preserves the avant-garde sound design elements that intricately interlace dissonant sounds, hallmarking the essence of colour house.

Upon first glance at Colour House, your senses will immediately be captivated by an array of lively elements. Arpeggiated synthesizers, lead synthesizers, and pads, each pulsating with colour, invite you to explore the depths of sonic possibilities. The presence of deep synth and sub basses adds a rich foundation, creating various layers of sound to be integrated into your music.

On the rhythmic side, carefully crafted drums take center stage, along with their separate components like hats and stripped drums that encapsulate the unmistakable beat of house music. Delving further into intricacy, the pack introduces mixed percussion featuring organic tones of wood percussion, the playful jingle of cowbells, and the crisp impact of claps.

Colour House generously includes both female and male vocal loops, introducing a human touch to the electronic symphony. Yet, a dynamic colour house track requires more than just melody and rhythm – it demands depth and dimension. Enter a set of effects, featuring risers, downshifters, and impacts ready to add a unique flair to your creations.

In keeping with Loopmasters’ commitment to providing ultimate creative freedom, Colour House goes a step further by incorporating some MIDI files for basslines, synthesizers, and vocals. These files empower you to shape and mold the music according to your artistic vision.

In detail expect to find 470 MB of 24Bit 44.1KHZ wavs - 26 Bass Loops, 25 Full Drum Loops, 25 Hat Loops, 25 Stripped Drum Loops, 22 Synth Loops, 22 Vocal Loops, 20 Synth Lead Loops, 9 Perc Loops, 6 Arp Loops, 5 Breakbeats, 5 Snare Roll Loops, 4 Pad Loops, 1 Drum Fill, 44 Drum Hits, 10 Perc Hits, 10 Fx, 10 Synth Hits, 7 Bass Hits and 78 Midi Files.

As you navigate through this expansive compilation, envision your compositions taking on various hues and tones. Colour House is not just a sample pack; it’s a creative catalyst, promising to fill your tracks with an unparalleled vibrancy that will make them stand out in the vast world of electronic music. Explore the spectrum, and let Colour House be the brushstroke that paints your music in bold, distinctive colours.

This collection is also fully Loopcloud ready. More information can be found about Loopmasters award winning software here:

470 MB
24Bit 44.1KHZ
26 Bass Loops
25 Full Drum Loops
25 Hat Loops
25 Stripped Drum Loops
22 Synth Loops
22 Vocal Loops
20 Synth Lead Loops
9 Perc Loops
6 Arp Loops
5 Breakbeats
5 Snare Roll Loops
4 Pad Loops
1 Drum Fill
44 Drum Hits
10 Perc Hits
10 Fx
10 Synth Hits
7 Bass Hits
78 Midi Files


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