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REQ: Oeksound Soothe Live screenshot
soothe live: a dynamic resonance suppressor optimized for live audio
The celebrated technology behind Soothe and Soothe2, now adapted for live use. Designed for Avid VENUE | S6L and Pro Tools | HDX systems, Soothe Live identifies problematic resonances and applies matching reduction in real-time.

Use Soothe Live to remove harshness from any sound source without having to notch out frequencies by hand. Clear muddiness, boominess and proximity effect, or reduce cymbal bleed with sidechain functionality. The reduction follows resonant frequencies, acting exactly when and where needed.

Soothe Live was built from scratch to suit the live environment and offers a latency of only 64 samples, resulting in a roundtrip latency of less than 1 ms or 95 samples on the S6L. The optimized processing lets you remove harshness throughout the frequency spectrum while using minimal resources, allowing for up to 54 mono or 36 stereo instances on a single 18-core HDX card.

Soothe Live’s intuitive and responsive user interface is optimized for live sound. Its parameters are designed specifically for live mixing and are mapped to favor useful settings and common use-cases. Interact with Soothe Live as you see fit: with knobs on the control surface, a mouse, or the touch screen. Speed up your workflow with touch screen gestures.

Soothe Live’s controls are simple to use. Turning up the depth knob increases the processing, which is reflected in the reduction graph, giving you instant feedback. The EQ nodes let you decide which frequency areas to target, making the processing more sensitive to ‘boosted’ frequencies. The speed knob combines attack and release parameters into a thoughtfully mapped dial with golden zones for different sound sources. Use the detail knob to adjust between sharp cuts, to tackle narrow resonances, or broad reduction for more general tone shaping.

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  Member 10.05.2021 1 274
899 euros? wut
  Resident 16.08.2010 26 841
The target is definitely not your hobbyist or average producer but yeah the price is waay too much
  Member 6.11.2023 46
Wonder if it's better than soothe at all for non live applications
  Member 5.12.2016 74
Well, isn't it AAX-DSP only ?
  Resident 29.05.2012 637
Please note that Soothe Live runs only on Avid S6L and HDX devices, so make sure you have access to compatible hardware.
  Member 24.10.2013 273
Exactly sir! ))
Who needs, I can sell, $200
  Resident 14.03.2012 12 156
Nice, dim or kill unwanted resonance
  Member 30.10.2016 72
Yes please ! :) Win & Mac version would like a dream

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