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REQ: Eplex7 DSP Psychedelic FM Superesonator screenshot
FM synthesizer sounds are one of mostly used elements in psytrance / darkpsy / hitech or psycore music. But classic saw osc FM sounds are sounding very similar and boring after you heard the same sound in set 100x. Many synthesizers have average quality filters (comparing to DSP-chip – Motorola or Sharc, based hardware synthesizers). So we recreated these hardware dsp + analog hardware filters for precise, clean, liquid and sharp sound that cuts through mix.
Psychedelic FM Superesonator do not create FM razor sounds with basic oscillators but use special super additive oscillators where you can β€žDrawβ€œ your own oscillator! Stunning 128 high resolution drawbars available to create almost unlimited sound variations.

Create FM razor synths in endless sound variations extremely fast, draw your own additive oscillators real-time!


β€’ 13 high quality filters based on DSP hardware chip synthesizer filters + vintage analog filters
– HW DSP LowPass
– HW DSP BandPass
– HW DSP HighPass
– Low pass
– Band pass
– High pass
– Notch
– Peaking
– Analog Low pass
– Notch+BP
– Analog LP+HP

β€’ Cutoff + Resonance knobs
β€’ 2 Additive β€žhand drawβ€œ oscillator – with 128 precise drawbars. User can draw his own additive oscillator and hear results real-time!
β€’ FM Superesonator Knob to set precise amount of FM modulation
β€’ 2x Oscillator detuner in range of +-4octaves + fine tunning knob
β€’ 2x osc volume knob
β€’ Precise Amplitude envelope (attack, decay, sustain, release)
β€’ Precise Filter modulation envelope (attack, decay, sustain, release, amount of modulation)
β€’ Output volume knob
β€’ LFO filter modulation – depth and speed knob

– Sine
– Saw
– Triangle
– Square
– Random Noise

β€’ 3D ping-pong delay (delay, feedback, mix)
β€’ Preset manager with 72 precisely designed presets for Fullon psytrance, Hitech psytrance, Darkpsy, Forest, Psycore, Progressive psytrance, Darkprog, Hightech, Tech trance, but also for Techno / minimal / Detroit techno music.

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