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REQ: SoundBetter Butterfly Effect screenshot
Create Memories from Music
An ambient sound design plugin that creates beautiful pads from melodic instruments

Musical & thoughtful Sound Design features including:
-Three high-quality ambient reverb engines
-Reverse grains
-Shimmer & crystals
-Infinite Blur & Space
-Unique, slow Blur buildup
-Time-synced or midi controlled slow-motion sweeps
-Playable overtones in the key of the track
-Time-synced ducking & external sidechain to clear room in the mix
-8-bit distortion & saturation
-Tape wow, flutter & modulation
-Width control for expansive spaces or distant directional tails
-Musical presets for atmospheric results

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  Member 22.01.2022 5
Really need this! Unless there's already something similar out there?

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