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REQ: Catch by Novel Music (Max For Live Device) screenshot
Catch is a simple monophonic performance sampler that allows live audio to be captured for instant playback and manipulation. This instrument was designed for performance and features an innovative sample bank system and many variation tools to spice up your sounds.

Live Sampling Has Arrived

Catch allows you to instantly grab audio from anywhere in your Live Set, including physical inputs, output from other tracks, sends, and the master channel. Drag and drop in your old favorites too.

Easy Variations

Various deviation parameters can be applied across the device to completely transform the original live source or breathe new life into your existing sample libraries.

Share the Love

With 128 sample slots, Catch’s sound design potential feels limitless. Multiple instances of Catch within a Live Set share the same sample bank information, opening up new areas of exploration and experimentation.
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  Member 15.10.2019 10
Definitely a must have tool for any sampling performers! And even for those of us who aren't it still looks like a ridiculously fun and easy to use plug to have in our toolbelt. Hopefully this shows up soon!

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