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REQ: Neural Dsp Archetype : Tom Morello screenshot
Tom Morello’s guitar playing in Rage Against the Machine immediately positioned him as a modern guitar legend.

His innovative techniques defied the definition of what a guitar virtuoso should be. Combining guitar tones and effects with unprecedented creativity, Tom spearheaded a fusion of classic rock, punk, and hip-hop unlike anything the world had ever seen, while simultaneously writing era-defining riffs for both RATM and Audioslave.

Rage Against the Machine’s live shows were incendiary both musically and also for their unapologetically-held political message. Morello has also brought his considerable guitar talents to several projects outside of RATM, including Street Sweeper Social Club, The Nightwatchman, Prophets of Rage, and Audioslave as well as forming the non-profit social justice organization Axis of Justice alongside System of a Down frontman Serj Tankian.

In a 1993 live review, Melody Maker remarked “Morello wears his guitar high up to wring every sound out of it. Falling bombs, police sirens, scratching - he can do them all.” A new type of guitar hero was born.

We proudly present you Archetype: Tom Morello.

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Oh hell yes
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it would be great to share it here :-)
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yerp, use this plugin and start your new band and call it Rage On Behalf Of The Machine
I can only be responsible for what I say, not what you understand.
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If R2R releases this, it will be the biggest moment of the year I am waiting to see that day
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this would be awesome!!

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