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REQ: Udo R Brauna Session Tempo (Max 4 Live) screenshot
Finally you can automate Live's tempo and time signature in Session View!

Sometimes you are using Session View to play backing tracks or any other things that you want to be in sync and have tempo changes. Until now, you had to make multiple scenes, one for each tempo and time signature, and launch them one after the other.

Now you can just have one single scene and control and automate both tempo and time signature with this device.

All of that on top of a nice visuals and highly customizable options:

Automatic bypass: You can control if you want the device to automatically bypass when on Arrangement View in order to prevent the device of messing with your song automation.

Automation Override: Toggle the ability to override the device parameters when you change the Live's tempo or time signature manually.

Time signature changes: Select where you want to apply the time signature changes: to the clip, to the transport, both, or none.

Clip nudge: Max for live is pretty slow, so if you have sudden tempo changes, you need to nudge the clip for the change to be in time. Fortunately, this can be made automatically. You can select to be automatic or manual and the amount nudged. You may want to select manual if you need the "follow action" clip's button to be on. When on manual, a new button will appear to nudge the selected clip.

Metronome: When you change time signatures (applied to the transport) in session view, the Live's transport get messed up, and usually the click misbehaves. That's why I included its own metronome.

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