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Explore the Details
Dig into THERMAL’s Advanced Page to get into the nitty-gritty.
Go beyond the presets and interact with the distortion on the waveform display, tweak modulation envelopes and add effects.
Waveform Display
Hone in on a specific frequency range by dragging the handles on the waveform and adjust volume using the slider. Turn band split on to activate the crossover filters.
Distortion & Effects
Choose from 19 analogue and digitally modelled distortion algorithms. Add harmonics and grit, shape amplitude, and add frequency modulation.
Width & Tone
Add a final touch to each stage by adding Mid Side and time-based width, then shaping highs and lows using the Tone panel.

250+ presets for instant playability
A circular XY control linked to distortion parameters
Multi-stage distortion and effects processing
Mid-Side and time-based width
15+ custom distortion types
9 built-in FX with an additional master compressor and filter
Value readout panel for better understanding of controls
Favoriting feature in Presets menu
Built-in ToolTips on Advanced page

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  Member 11.10.2015 24 296
Yes I would really love to see an update of this as well, considering the current version I have keeps shutting down Studio One on my Mac.
The Book of Pluck
Chapter 1 Verse 1
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  Member 28.04.2021 13
hope to get some moria magic on this
  Member 22.03.2023 6
the Comment has been Removed

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