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Freedom for your VSTs
REQ: New Sonic Arts FreeStyle v1.6 screenshot
Freestyle 1.6 features a reworked Rack View and all new Plugin Strip View - including plugin Favourite Parameters - making it easier to work with your plugins than ever before.

Engine enhancements include VST3 plugin hosting and automatic Plugin Delay Compensation.

Split, layer and combine your VST instruments and FX to explore vast new sound design possibilities.
Freestyle integrates perfectly with your DAW, running as either a VST or AudioUnit plugin.

Transform your laptop into a powerful live rig.
Map multiple instruments across your keyboard, perform with Macro Controls, and navigate your set mouse-free with the Snapshots system.

Split, Layer, Chain
Build rich multi-layered sounds, set up key splits and zones, and combine and re-arrange FX chains, all via a simple drag-and-drop workflow.
REQ: New Sonic Arts FreeStyle v1.6 screenshot

Advanced Sound Design
Create advanced patches with the limitless routing possibilities provided by the powerful Structure View. Explore parallel FX processing with the BandSplit module, and blend between instrument layers and FX with the 16 x input Crossfade module.
Sounds complicated? Not at all... Freestyles unique approach to patching works by drag and drop.
REQ: New Sonic Arts FreeStyle v1.6 screenshot

Browse Plugins and Patches
Access all your VST instruments and FX with the integrated Plugin Browser. Find plugins quickly by text search and/or the Favourites system, and say goodbye to fiddly menus... simply drag-and-drop plugins into the rack.
Browse thousands of pre-categorised VST presets with our cloud-synchronised preset database: PatchCloud.
REQ: New Sonic Arts FreeStyle v1.6 screenshot

Create Loops & Phrases
Use the Event Player to create loops and phrases direct in Freestyle.
Quickly sketch out musical ideas in the studio with the inspiring loop-based workflow. Build backing tracks for your live set, and assign playback of loops to Macros Controls for full live control.
REQ: New Sonic Arts FreeStyle v1.6 screenshot

Ready for Stage
Assign the most important parameters from your rack to Macro Controls for easy access, including support for multi-destinations and custom ranges.
Use Snapshots to capture and recall entire rack states, either to prepare your live-set, or to quickly capture musical ideas without disrupting your creative flow.
REQ: New Sonic Arts FreeStyle v1.6 screenshot

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FreeStyle and NUANCE
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