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Modern Guitar Course by Lukas Kocka

Even If You’ve Been Stuck
In A Rut For Ages!

REVEALED: Why Most Of The Rock and Metal Guitarists Are Playing The Same Way As They Did 5 Years Ago
A few years ago, just like you, I felt more and more down with each passing day that my guitar playing was the same no matter how much I practised.

The problem was that I was doing the same things over and over. How could I expect to get any better? As Einstein said: "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."
Then I started enrolling in different guitar schools and programmes, and the progress started turning up very slowly. The biggest problem was none of these programmes were structured and were jumping from one lesson to another, which caused my progress to suffer. I wanted to find something easy to follow, short straight to the point lessons and mainly something that would guarantee progress.
While spending so much time and money on these courses, I slowly started discovering what was working and what wasn't. That made me realise that if I were able to put it all into one guitar course, I could help guitarists quickly get out of the rut and absolutely transform their playing.
And so, this one-of-a-kind Modern Guitar Course was born. Course that has been purposely built around guitarists not being able to progress and being stuck with their playing for way too long. This course allows guitarists see results in Just As Little As 7 Days.

Unlock Your Potential
Kick off things with Hand Synchronisation exercises that will help you build solid foundations and speed up the guitar acceleration process. In this Module, you'll also learn what makes efficient guitar practices and tips and tricks to speed up your playing.

- Hand Stretches for Guitarists
- Hand Synchronisation Exercises
- 3 TIPS for Playing FAST
- How To Practise Efficiently

What To Play
Discover the secrets to making guitar theory easy. In no time at all, you'll be ripping out all the important scales and theory effortlessly, so you always know what to play.

- Pentatonic Scale and How To Spice Them Up + 15 Licks
- Diatonic Scale + 10 Licks
- Harmonic Minor Scale + 10 Licks
- Diminished Scale + 10 Licks
- Melodic Minor Scale + 10 Licks
- Soloing Over Different Chord Progressions

How To Play
You're going to learn the most essential rock and metal modern guitar techniques, so you can shock people next they see you playing.

- Economy picking + 10 Licks
- Sweep picking + 10 Licks
- Legatos + 10 Licks
- Tapping + 10 Licks
- Hybrid picking + 10 Licks

100+ LICKS Available in Guitar Pro & PDF
There isn't a more efficient way than having tabs in Guitar Pro & PDF. With every tab, you'll be able to see the downstrokes and upstrokes, so you know exactly what to play. Also, by using the GuitarPro loop function, you'll be able to speed up your playing in a matter of days.

Here's EVERYTHING You'll Get In The
Modern Guitar Course
All of this, and a new you in 30 days for a tiny, single low cost payment...
3 Modules
34+ Lessons
100+ Guitar Licks
7+ Backing Tracks
5+ Modern Techniques
Private Facebook Group
Unlimited Lifetime Access
Access To All Future Content

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