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16 steps to infinity: discover new worlds of musical possibility with our flagship generative performance sequencer.

Designed by Ableton Certified Trainer Noah Pred to combine powerful algorithmic features with performance-friendly interaction design, Pattern Engine is geared for instant inspiration.

Simply click the global dice to seed new musical ideas with minimal effort, or engage auto-randomization to unfurl endless worlds — without sacrificing intricate per-step control.

Each of Pattern Engine’s 16 steps can be manipulated and randomized across five dimensions: Mute (on/off), Pitch, Velocity, Length, and Tie (for monophonic glides). Each of these parameters can also be locked on a per-step basis to exempt them from randomization. Auto-randomization can be set to occur globally at intervals measured in bars — or at different bar intervals and probabilities for each auto-randomizing parameter.

Four tempo-syncable LFOs are available to govern the pitch of selected steps, creating dynamic melodic contours in a variety of shapes, with per-step LFO control offering intensity with direction and central transposition offset.

Outgoing note pitch values can be transposed internally and via incoming MIDI for dynamic performance via real-time input or pre-programmed clips — within 50 scales, in any key. Sequence direction, length, reset, step grid size, and swing are all included as expected, along with handy global settings and six playback modes to interact with MIDI input in a variety of ways, including innovative Gate and Side functions, vintage impulse Trig bank sequencing, or classic arpeggiation.

Providing immediate access to expansive realms of musicality, Pattern Engine unlocks new possibilities to drive any hardware or virtual instrument.

Pattern Engine features:
• 16 steps with independently randomizable mute, pitch, velocity, length, and tie
• Auto-randomization for mute, pitch, velocity, length, and tie at separate intervals and probabilities
• Four syncable LFOs with per-step modulation amounts and offsets for dynamic pitch control
• Three pitch randomization algorithms, assignable globally or per step: Chance, Drunk, and Fluid
• Pitch randomization probability and range controllable on a per-step basis
• Per-step parameter locks for randomization exemption
• Forward, Reverse, Circular, and Random playback modes
• Innovative trigger modes including Free, Gate, Side, Trig, Back, and Arp
• Optional Swing and synchronized step grid changes for rhythmic experimentation
• Sequence Length, Offset, Reset, Start, and Reloop controls
• Transpose internally and via incoming MIDI clips or connected controllers
• All MIDI output conforms to one of fifty included scales in any key
• All parameters available for automation, modulation, and MIDI mapping when exempted from auto-randomization

Change Log
• Added Time option to toggle from the default metrical Grid mode to unsynchronized millisecond sequencer clock rates, with seamless tempo-matching takeover
• Clicking Global Dice for randomize-all functionality now leaves step pitches assigned to LFO control in place
• Integrates with bundled Global Hub
• Appended Live 11 scales
• Bug fixes and optimizations

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