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REQ: RS Drums ENSO Drum Library screenshot


Punchy. Smooth. Versatile. Diverse.
With our easy-to-use interface—take your drum production to the next level.

Hello everyone! I've been looking everywhere for this library but I couldn't find it.. If anyone have this, i would appreciate a share! Thanks!


RS Drums Enso is a virtual drum instrument for the modern producer, bringing a broad collection of drums and cymbals directly to your fingertips, all inside of an easy-to-use interface that will integrate effortlessly into your workflow.

REQ: RS Drums ENSO Drum Library screenshot

With over 20 snares, numerous kicks, and a large array of toms and cymbals to choose from, you’ll find many different potential combinations to fit your sound. Whether you need drums for metal, rock, or jazz, RS Drums Enso has a drum kit for you.


We wanted Enso to be a great solution for a variety of musical and production needs. This is something we considered when sampling all of the drums and cymbals available within Enso. Every piece of the kit has a smooth and versatile dynamic range, combined with a diverse collection of drums and cymbals, providing your song with a very solid foundation. Have a listen to the examples.


We believe that great drum sounds matter the most in great productions, and our mission is to deliver drums that help your creative ideas and audio productions.

REQ: RS Drums ENSO Drum Library screenshot

We decided to make the Tama Starclassic Birch/Bubinga the flagship kit for Enso. The sheer amount of drums and the variety of sizes for the Birch/Bubinga kit made it the obvious foundation for a powerful drum instrument. Enso includes many other options as well: Tama Starclassic Maple, Tama Silverstar Birch, Pearl Masters and Reference kits, all with numerous options and adjustability. If multiple kits weren't enough, Enso also offers 20+ highly dynamic Snare Drums - ranging from legendary sounds like the Tama Bell Brass, all the way to classic steel & wood snares of all varieties. Maple, Birch, Bubinga, Walnut, Brass, Bronze, Steel—Variety within each & more. If there's a snare sound you're looking for, Enso has you covered.

All of the cymbals in Enso are a culmination of Alex & Anup's favorite Meinl cymbals, a brand both of them have endorsed and used for over a decade. We included some old classics like the Soundcaster Fusion and MB20 lines, along with plenty of current/modern choices like the Byzance and Pure Alloy series.


We used a variety of gear to capture the sounds for Enso, opting for specific signal chains unique to each source sound. We combined close microphones on drums with warm and punchy pre-amps, while overheads, cymbals, and room microphones were combined with pre-amps that showcased smooth and bright characteristics. We wanted the drums to be tight and focused, the cymbals to have a buttery shine, and our room microphones to nicely glue everything together.

REQ: RS Drums ENSO Drum Library screenshot

All of the drums were tuned and performed by Alex Rudinger (Whitechapel, Good Tiger, Conquering Dystopia, The Faceless, Threat Signal). The engineering and mixing duties were handled by Anup Sastry (Devin Townsend, Marty Friedman, Skyharbor, Monuments, Jeff Loomis). The samples for Enso were recorded at Anup’s studio in Frederick, Maryland. Anup has engineered drums for many bands out of his drum room, including Monuments, Skyharbor, and Marty Friedman.


• RS Drums Enso - Drum Instrument
• 13 Kicks
• 22 Snares
• 14 Rack Toms
• 13 Floor Toms
• 3 Hi-Hats
• 3 Rides,
• 4 Splashes/Effects
• 6 Crashes
• 3 Stacks
• 3 Chinas.

• KONTAKT PLAYER 6 or KONTAKT 6 (latest version)

Disk Space Required:
• Kontakt Player 6 - 1 GB
• RS Drums Enso - 15 GB
• TCI Files - 4 GB (optional)

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