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REQ: K-Devices Modulators 21 Bundle screenshot


This bundle keeps popping up on my social media for some time now. It looks pretty interesting for people who work with M4L a lot. I would appreciate a share. Thank you very much!


Modulators 21 is a suite of 7 incredible Max For Live devices, conceived to shine a new light on the power of modulation signals through a rewarding user experience. Included here are unusual, playful devices, along with new visions of more familiar ones, as well as useful utilities, all working together in order to bring an endless field of modulation capabilities, that can easily extend beyond the foreseen boundaries. Using them in the studio and on stage, we believe they’re definitely able to add interesting shades, effortless complexity and, above all, change the way you’re used to think about modulators.


KNOR is a Max For Live device that allows for playful modulations over any automatable parameter inside a Live Set. The name comes from the contraction of the words “Knob” and “Record”, which is explanatory of its main key feature: KNOR is capable of recording free, hands-on gestures for each of its four dials, playing them back continuously. Dials can be activated singularly or sequenced one after another, in favor of creating unquantized, always changing modulation signals. When no gesture is stored, dials can be used as a performative tool to recall their values on the fly. Mapping a simple MIDI controller to KNOR makes everything more intuitive while playing around with it.


LFOH! is a Max For Live device, an augmented, stunning LFO (as the name suggests!), which enhances the possibilities of the classic cycling envelope by adding control over a set of advanced and unique features. It can be used to modulate any automatable parameter within a Live Set.


LFOO is a Max For Live device that allows generating complex cycling modulation signals and multiple targeting. Its core idea is to combine two sources (sharing a set of advanced parameters) into a resulting third waveform (with its own set of parameters). Three assignable targets are available to modulate any parameter in a Live Set.


Sources is a Max For Live device conceived to combine three modulation signals in different ways by carrying out math operations and DSP processing between them. The resulting signal is then available to modulate any parameter within a Live Set.


Targets is the complementary Max For Live device to Sources. It can be used to route a modulation signal up to six different parameters in the Live Set, each one able to process it in different ways. It can also be used as a super-macro-knob.


Voltage and MIDI are siblings utility devices conceived to easily route any modulation signal to any available output, either as audio signal or MIDI messages. Voltage is primarily focused on controlling external CV gears, such as modular synthesizer, while MIDI is intended to be used with MIDI interfaces and more generic hardware. Both devices take advantage of a simple design that makes it easy to keep track of each instance and have some internal parameters that help calibrate each output to properly talk with the respective converter.

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