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Ascension 1.5.1 - W. A. Production Edition

We are proud to announce our new partnership with Cubic Audio to release an exclusive edition of the plugin Ascension. Our exclusive release will include an expansion with nearly 1600 presets!

Ascension is our ultra-powerful dance music workstation. It's a cutting-edge synth, a huge ROM sound library and a vast collection of tried-and-tested track-ready royalty-free MIDI files in one glorious package. It's everything you need and more!

We've crammed over 20 years of production experience into Ascension with the goal of creating an essential tool for anyone making EDM or synth-based music.

Four multi-select oscillators combine subtractive, wavetable and ROM-based synthesis options, as well as FM capability. Why choose between a high-end synth and a ROMpler when you can have both at a hilariously low price?

The ROM section includes an astonishing number of varied samples, including a 6.5 GB library of soaring pads, searing synths, fat basses, shining dance pianos and ethereal choirs that are aimed straight at the dance floor.

Combine these lush, layered sounds with your own gnarly hand-drawn custom wavetables, FM weirdness, fat detuned subtractive tones or anything else you can summon from the powerful editing and modulation options. You've got both immediate, playable sounds and maximum creative flexibility.

Ascension’s intuitive layout makes for a rapid work flow.

Choose from 6 effects units, including 5 distortion models, 2 phaser types, chorus with flanger and vibrato modes, 3 band equalizer, tempo synced delay (with standard and ping-pong setting) plus reverb (room and cathedral models). Drag & Drop Ascension's FX units to make your own unique signal chain - perfect for creating unique sounds!

Drag-and-drop MIDI pattern playback is included, as well an arpeggiator and a vast royalty free library of track-ready MIDI loops from the archives.

If you're a beginner, Ascension has every synth sound and MIDI pattern you need to make a great dance track: we're not exaggerating! Just plug it into your DAW and off you go.

If you're a pro, you'll want a top-quality array of utility patches that can slot straight into your next production, combined with the power to create your own innovative signature sounds from scratch. If you make dance music, Ascension has got you covered.

Standard arpeggiator mode comes with all the trimmings.. including 50 arp pattern presets to give your sounds instant dance floor ready groove - simply select a pattern from the drop down menu...

Draw your own unique waveforms for oscillators and LFO patterns!

Shape your sound with 8 modulation sources and 4 extra mod envelopes, allowing you complete control over all four oscillators.

Ascension comes as a 64-Bit VST3 and Audio Unit. Please note: VST2 support has been discontinued by Steinberg.

W. A. Production Special Edition Short Points:

Total Presets: 1589
W. A. Production Special Edition Presets: 288
W. A. Production Special Edition Multi-Sampled ROM: 533 MB
Version 1.5.1 Expansion Presets: 88
Oscillator Waveforms: 1515
Multi-Sampled ROM: 1405 / 6.87 GB
MIDI Arpeggiator Loops: 3406

4 Subtractive, Waveform & ROM OSCs
Arp With MIDI Player Mode
Drag N Drop MIDI To Your DAW
Light & Dark Skins
Multi FX Unit
Drag N Drop FX Chain
ADSR Envelope
ADSR Filter Envelope
4 Auxiliary Envelopes
32 Modulation Destinations
16 Filter Types
New version 1.5 features

Completely New Sound Browsing Experience
4K Ready, Resizable GUI
New Filter Models & Types
Improved Reverb FX
New Mod Matrix (32 Destinations)
256 New Presets (1522 Total)
120 New Waveforms (1311 Total)
743 MB New ROM (6.55 GB Total)
New version 1.5.1 features

Native Support for M1 Silicon Mac OS 11.
VST2 Support Discontinued.
CPU/ Voice/ OSC usage bars under Settings.
Added choice for CPU or GPU UI rendering under Settings.
Filter bypass feature.
Fixed Arp bug on muted notes.
Fixed MIDI Arp bug.
Fixes to oscillators.
Fixes to LFO.
Reset on Effects/ Arp/ Mod Matrix fixed.
Preset name on VST3 fixed on projects.
Unison ROM bug fixed.
Waveforms correctly updated on preset load.
Mod matrix updated correctly on mod preset load/change.
Wavetable generation bug fixed.

System requirements
Windows 10 or Higher (64-bit only). VST3 Compliant Host.
Mac OS X 10.12 or Higher (64-bit only). VST3 or Audio Unit Compliant Host.
64-Bit VST 3 or AU Compliant Host
Core i7 Processor (equivalent, or higher recommended)
8 GB RAM (16 GB or higher recommended)
Update log
v 1.5.0 - Update 1st April 2020
v 1.5.1 - Update 6th August 2021

download from Usenet - 14 days free access +300GB W. A. Production Edition Ascension 1.5.1
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