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Hey good people I have trying to get this course for ages but it's too expensive to buy for me so I would be really greatful if you guys can upload this :)

I began my singing journey practically tone-deaf -- couldn’t sing a note in tune, and had virtually NO vocal range to speak of.

I was forced to lower the keys of my favourite songs down 7 steps to get even REMOTELY CLOSE to singing them!

All I could do was yell full volume...force my chest voice up against a solid brick wall…and then crack into a measly falsetto…

Now I can do THIS...

I’ve dramatically improved my pitch, increased my vocal range into the 5th octave (full voice), have the ability to sing not just loud, but also medium and light…WHILE staying in full voice...and I can do it CONSISTENTLY in difficult songs -- in their ORIGINAL key.

How did I transform my voice this much?

I didn’t have any natural talent to rely on, so it wasn’t like I was already good and just got a few tips to get better…no…I had to build it all FROM SCRATCH!

I started where everyone does…with singing teachers, books, singing programs and free online tips.

But I quickly found that most of the singing information out there isn't very good...

How many times have you seen singing advice like this before?

What's wrong here? The advice isn't actually wrong per say...but it's not HELPFUL is it?

It's vague, generic and doesn't show you HOW to apply it or what to do if it doesn't work for you...

This is the typical level of singing instruction I was given from most "experts", singing programs, books etc. back when I was struggling with my voice...and it NEVER helped.

Singing "advice" like above is the equivalent of this:

How to sing
They'll give you a few "pointers" and have you sing up and down on random scales...over and over again...

And when you strain and crack?

"Just relax your throat!"

"Just support more!"

"Just sing lighter!"

"Don't reach for the notes! Land on top of them!"

I struggled with my voice for YEARS...and this kind of teaching NEVER helped me...

Whenever I tried to "relax" my voice...I would just crack and flip into falsetto! And if I tried to sing with more strength and stability...I would strain and get stuck in chest voice!

So what was I meant to do? How could I find

"You need to learn mixed voice!"

But HOW!!

"Just let your voice flip into falsetto wherever it wants...the power will come later!"

But it never did!

I spent YEARS doing this...and STILL I'd end up straining and cracking into falsetto...IN THE EXACT SAME PLACE...EVERY SINGLE TIME!

No matter HOW MUCH I practiced!

No matter HOW MANY "mum's", "nay's", "lip trills", "hums", "NG slides", breathing exercises or vowels I did.

I started to think that maybe I was doomed NEVER to be able to sing well...

And I'm not the only one who's been through this. I get emails EVERY DAY from singers who've tried everything under the sun and are at their whits end. Here's just a few of those emails...

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