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Hi. Please, if possible, I search for the program dePhonica sound labs.

I searched in the scene databases and I didn't find any release.

Thank you.

dePhonica sound labs

Built-in WDM driver for stream input from common audio and video players, browsers, navigation and other software
Built-in ASIO Sink driver for stream input from audio players with ASIO support
Low latency: about 50 msec when using IIR filters and crossover output stream into ASIO device
Different input sample formats: 16-bit integer, 24-bit integer and 32-bit floating point
Two input channels and up to 8 output channels
Output to DirectSound, ASIO and Kernel Streaming audio devices
Processing completely in 64 bit floating point precision
No surplus resampling - filters created on-fly for every samplerate of source stream
Built-in crossover`s frequency response analyzer with overview amplitude graph, single channel graphs (amplitude response, phase response, group delay for each channel) and response addition graph
Filtering by FIR filters, IIR filters or by IIR filters with automatically designed phase correction FIR filter
Can create FIR phase correction (all pass) filter for external hardware crossover
Two FIR convolvers available: FFT convolver with Overlap-Add algorithm and linear convolver (Straight FIR) without usage of FFT
You can use any of two convolvers with one or more IIR filters in each processing channel
Up to 128 000 taps per channel with FFT FIR convolver
IIR filters and frequency response envelopes available: Linkwitz-Riley, Butterworth, Chebyshev
Parametric synthesis of amplitude and phase responses for filter types: Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass, Band Stop, Low Shelf, High Shelf
Band pass and Band stop filter responses can be optionally defined via lower and higher cutoff frequencies or by a definition of central frequency and bandwidth
Amplitude and phase equalizers for arbitrary amplitude and phase response correction with data import features (from text file or from impulse response in WAV format)
Any combination of FIR and IIR filters in each processing channel
Full-featured pre-processing channel for input stream with its own filter set
Automatic biasing feature for gain response in separate channels or in a group of channels
Input and output gain adjustment in each channel
Adjustable delay in each channel with optional sub-sample resolution

Q: How can I use dePhonica version3 crossover?
A: The main purpose of crossover is to divide source sound stream into few sound streams, any one of which played by separate driver in speaker box. Such usage requires multichannel sound card (or DAC), multichannel amplifier (or few stereo amplifiers) and multi-way speakers, each driver in which is connected to single channel of amplifier with separate cable. Simplest and widespread example of multi-way acoustic is 2.1 sound system, with two front speakers and one subwoofer.
A: Crossover can be used to redirect single source stream (with processing or not) into few outputs of multichannel sound card. For example, first two channels can supply loudspeakers, and next two channels - supply headphones. Each stereo-pair can be equalized with separate EQ inside crossover.
A: Also, you can use crossover even with an ordinary headphones - as accurate and advanced equalizer.

Q: Which hardware required for crossover usage?
A: You can use crossover for different purposes with almost any hardware. Minimal requirements - computer (PC, laptop, x86-based tablet) with Windows 7/8/10 installed and some audio card.

Q: How to redirect sound into crossover from a program, which not supports output to ASIO natively?
Q: How to redirect sound from software video player to crossover?
A: Select 'dePhonica Virtual Audio Device' as output audio device in your player or program.

Q: What I need to adjust in video player to handle sound by dePhonica crossover?
A: You not need to do anything when using IIR filters in crossover. But you must adjust video/audio delay to avoid latency of crossover and keep leap-sync when using FIR filters of IIR filters with phase linearization. For example, FIR filter with 8000 taps adds about 250 msec of latency.

Q: How to process sound from external (analog - vinyl player, cassette player, mixer etc.) sources by crossover?
A: At this moment, you must use third-party software. VoiceMeeter from VB-Audio can redirect external sources into ASIO output (
In future versions of dePhonica crossover native input from external sources will be implemented.

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