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REQ: Klirrton Grindstein VST screenshot
Ultimate Death Metal Plugin Suite

Precisely modeled in collaboration with Klirrton Manufaktur and producer Kristian Kohle from Kohlekeller Studio, the Grindstein is the official analog modeled simulation suite of their ultimate death metal preamp, along with the cutting edge Schnauze noise gate and the new Fleisch equalizer.

Dirty and fuzzy death metal tones from the 90s into the modern age, from a ripping chainsaw to a more modern and tight sound with just a touch of grind.

It can go from the Swedish HM2 sound all the way to 90’s Florida transistor distortion, but with modern fat low-end and tightness like never heard before!

Faithfully modeled on original hardware
Two mixable channels (Bottomshaker and Chainsaw)
Built-in boost based on Lichtbringer circuit
Phase switch for out-of-phase supergrindy sound
3 band EQ on the Chainsaw channel and 2 band EQ on the Bottomshaker
Noise Gate based on Schnauze circuit
5 band Fleisch EQ, with carefully selected boost and cut bands
Cab simulator with 7 speaker combinations selected by Kris Kohle

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  Resident 23.06.2013 1 474
I suggest you change your requesto to "PROPER" crack, as the audiority bundle released by team vr has a lot of issues...
  Member 2.11.2019 21
the latest one (rev 2 with the nfo edited to notify of this change) works for me
  Member 5.02.2021 34 54
its working here but with periodic silence and I dont know how to fix it since I cant find the licenses folder in my HD
  Member 25.04.2020 11 133
WARNING: The URL contains an affiliate tracking ID "?aid=138965"

Use this link instead:
  Contributor 3.05.2011 519 3521
it doesnt.
If you want to support me, you can here:
  Moderator 21.01.2012 1515 13113
Not anymore, Because I corrected it, after NaviRetlav reported to me ...

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