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When Flavio and the team decided to make this sample library, they had in mind to create something special, something unique, that could really keep the real essence of the acoustic piano. The philosophy behind Due is to combine the art of recording and the art of scripting to make the best sampled piano we could, made to satisfy the most demanding composers and musicians.

The art of recording
After endless sessions of testing, the XPERIMENTA Team recorded the pianos in each detail using only top-end microphones and preamps in two beautiful-sounding room in Sibelius Academy Studios, Helsinki.

The art of scripting
To make this instrument, the team decided to simulate the acoustic behaviour of the piano, with a combination of fine sampling of the mechanics (i.e. hammer and pedal noises) and a phisic-modeling philosophy of scripting. The team sampled the “overtones”, that are the harmonic resonances that the string generates by sympathetic resonance, and we mapped them in a way that they will play only when a releated note is pressed (i.e. a fifth, an octave).

The XPERIMENTA Team also sampled the sound of the strings with the sustain pedal down, and the Impulse Response of the strings and the body of the C7, in collaboration with the Sibelius Academy Music Technology Department.

But Why Two Pianos?
Every pianist knows that not all the pianos are the same. Each instrument can have a so different touch and color, and sometimes it is important to find the right piano for the right piece. This is why the team sampled two instruments so deeply: we wanted to give to our customers the freedom to choose between two different instruments, recorded both with the same philosophy. The team also hired professional pianists and composers to refine the Key Feel and the Response of Keyboard.

The Piano One is a C7 Gran Coda recorded in a 107mq hall with 3 microphone settings. The piano have a clean, a bright but smooth sound. Perfect for Jazz in “Close” setting, for soundtrack scoring in “Player”, and for classical music in “Room”.

The second piano is a half-coda C3 Piano, recorded in a beautiful sounding room of the studios. The piano have a smooth and warm sound, perfect for Soundtrack music: the “Room” is our favourite.

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