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Cello Ibrida is a Sound Design sample libary for Kontakt (FULL edition) for cinematic composers that combines Cello samples, hybrid sound design and analog synths. 260 patches where used to create 500+ film oriented snapshots inside a powerfull performance oriented GUI that makes use of an advance matrix effects section, sequencers and lfos to provide extended controls for live performances ideal for scoring. Cello Ibrida combines cello live textures, loops, multisamples pads and analog synths to create ideal modern sounds for film composers.


Cello Ibrida contains different types of sampling and sound design techniques inside one advanced GUI. The concept relies on not focusing on a single traditional library concept but several that when combined will bring out modern sounds that retain an organic sound. A cello section was recorded to do "texture" articulations and multisample. From there we edited and processed a variety of sound design style patches to create low pulses, hybrid plucks, pads and sfx.


Our matrix GUI contains a two layer system each with its own effects chain, LFOs, Sequencer and gate. But the magic happens in the performance matrix page where two macros, two envelope sequencers and velocity source modulators can be individually assigned to different master effects, chord maker and a detuner. This enables even the simplest of sounds to be continuously modulated and ever changing. Additionally, we added CC assignable inputs for crossfade, macro1/2 and LFO rate/amount to let composers modulate all these parameters in real time and thus, creating a great performance sound design instrument.


We love sound design and recording a cello section to later use it as a sound playground was just the start. There was also a cheap blue cello involved that barley survived the mangling when recording it. There is also Gabriel Di Marco's (Bear McCreary Cellist) amazing Cello sound and we also sampled a Moog sub37, the Arturia Matrixbrute and finally we also ran the Cello multi samples through Euroracks and Cassette decks . We call these patches "soundsources" and there are about 260 of them. From there we made more than 500 snapshots and we still didnt get to use all of them! You can mix and match and create your own.

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