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Hello everyone, I am looking for a program called Groovemaker by IK Multimedia. I have been trying to look for this specific program for many years, but I've had no luck finding it anywhere.

If anybody has this program, I would appreciate the share. Thanks.

GrooveMaker is the revolutionary music software for creating hypnotic, non-stop electronic dance tracks, in real-time, with professional results. With GrooveMaker you have access to a completely new way of making music with loops. Thanks to our "random mix generator" technology you can automatically remix the included loops in virtually limitless ways.
Everything you do in GrooveMaker is done in real-time, without ever having to stop the music. It's like working with a real instrument! You can add, remove, and replace single or multiple loops as you listen, so there's no stopping your creative flow. Remixing is a breeze and a totally new experience. This make the composition as easy as drag and drop always with immediate editing possibilities.It puts you at the controls of the music. It's your mix, and it all happens in real-time. Just pick a drum groove. Layer on some loops. Change the tempo while the music never stops. Then save it all as a new remix!

Import and match any audio file instantaneously (including WAV, AIFF, MP3) and export your mix using many different audio formats ranging from hi-quality CD to internet publishing, including MP3!

GrooveMaker 2.5 DJ Box comes with more than 1000 loops of professional drum grooves, synth pads, sound effects and ambient loops that keep the music going all night. Experiment with million possible groove combinations in every style. Whatever style turns you on (Techno, Jungle, Progressive, Dub, Ambient, Acid, Eurohouse, Drum 'n' Bass, etc.. ) it's all possible with GrooveMaker, thanks to the huge range of add-on professional loop CDs available.

MP3 export: now it's possible to save the mix also in MP3
• MIDI control: GrooveMaker 2.5 can be fully controlled using external MIDI controller and MIDI keyboard. All GrooveMaker features can be accessed using a MIDI compatible hardware device, making live remixing as easy as using traditional hardware devices.
MIDI control is not possible in MacOS X.
• MacOS X compatibility: now GrooveMaker 2.5 is fully compatible with the new MacOSX!
MIDI control is not possible in MacOS X.
• New sounds included: in all the 3 available version LE, standard and DJ box.

With LoopMaker you can load and resync virtually any audio file (including WAV, AIFF, MP3, QDesign, Law, aLaw) with full control over duration, speed, loop-in/loop-out point and offset.
Everything is made in real time and modification are immediately applied while the music is playing in order to immediately resync any loop. It's even easier importing loop from sampling CDs!
Make professional remixes in a snap or exchange audio material within different library styles to produce astonishing hybrid mixes adding your personal touch. An unlimited number of loops can now be imported within each of GrooveMaker song putting no limits to your creativity.
You can also record loops directly into your computer's audio input using your microphone or any other external devices. Recorded loops can be manipulated the same way of imported loops having them immediately playing within your groove session.

Virtual Synth Arpeggiator:
A virtual synth arpeggiator is included with GrooveMaker to give your performance that rave impact!
With 128 arpeggio presets and 150 expandible synth sounds and "smart note" indicators, it's the easyest way to play along GrooveMaker grooves. Up to 99 arpeggios can be marked and recalled on-the-fly with a single click. The virtual synth arpeggiator Includes the widest range of pro-sounds bank like:
- Basses
- BDs
- Analog Synths
- Electronic Percussions
- Ethnic Percussions
- Drums
- Electronic Drums
- Effects

The GrooveMaker also contains a virtual DJ offering the quickest way to produce not only a groove but a complete remix album with just one click!!!
V-MIX instantly assembles 4 random mixes with a simple click -that's it! Every time you click, another random song set is generated. Get hours and hours of instant remixes and never hear the same thing twice. When you hear something you particularly like, save and edit it in the GrooveMaker - or just let it groove all night long.

• Play, Mix, Randomize, Import and Match grooves on-the-fly.
• Istantaneous control over 8 stereo loop tracks
• Combine studio-quality loop samples to produce million possible grooves
• Manipulate loops in real time (pan, volume, mute, solo, group, tempo/pitch)
• Save any mix on-the-fly for instant recall
• Arrange grooves to create full-length recording
• Import match and remix in real time virtually any audio file (including wav, aiff, MP3, QDesign, SWA)
• Record your voice or add any external audio material
• Play live synth parts along your mix with the Synth Arpeggiator
• Export your tracks in any format (including wav, aiff, MP3, QDesign, SWA)
• Comes wit massive CD-ROM library of high-quality, studio-ready loops including Bass, Bass-Drum, FX, Loop, Line, Pad and Percussion
• Huge range of add-on loops available for all dance styles

System Requirements:
Power PC 601/603/604 Power Macintosh with 32 MB RAM, 640x480 256 colors monitor, CD-ROM, computer speakers, 100 MB of free hard disk space.
Operating system MacOS 8.5 or later with Apple QuickTime 5 or later installed and MacOSX 10.1 or later.
Available also as native for MacOS X.

GrooveMaker 2.5 DJ Box comes with Magnetic, Trance Grid, House Party and Drumbasstic sound libraries, 1000 loops in 16 songs of Tecno, Trance, D'B and House and 150 synth sounds.

Plus you can select from a huge variety of professional add-on titles. More than 3.000 loops are available for GrooveMaker including tons of: techno, trance, house, drum'n'bass, ambient, dub, hip-hop, rap, r'n'b, ethinc, percussions and drums and many others.

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