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14 iconic drum machines for Ableton Live

Revolution for Live is a deeply integrated, standalone Live Pack version of our award-winning Revolution Drum Machine. (no plugin or Kontakt required!)

Imagine the dream of owning a studio filled with the most influential Drum Machines of our time. Imagine having instant access to the true authentic sound of the iconic TR-909, 808, 606, 707, CR-78, CR-8000, Linndrum, Drumtraks, Drumulator, OB-DX and many others. Imagine a world where this dream becomes reality…

Revolutionize your Live Racks…

Revolution for Live is a custom built, deeply produced Live Pack (with intricate Push integration), faithfully delivering 14 of the world’s most iconic Drum Machines directly to your DAW, inside a powerful Ableton Live environment with full hands on control of all tone shaping controls of the original Drum Machines.

For the first time ever in Live, you can access the TRUE sound and feature set of the most influential Drum Machines of our time – 808, 909, 606, 707, 727, 505, CR-78, CR-8000, Linndrum, Drumtraks, Drumulator, OB-DX, SP-12.

It’s all about the sound

Revolution for Live is powered by many tens of thousands of beautifully recorded samples; capturing every possible sound / tone / knob variation and nuance of the original drum machines, along with the subtle differences in behaviour inherent of analogue electronics (via round robin). Each sound has been carefully recorded via a transformer balanced Radial JDI and brought to line level with a NEVE 1073 / API 512c pre-amp. To retain the full frequency range and dynamics of the original instruments, we carefully matched the peak level of each drum, recording them through mastering grade conversion.

Revolution for Live is not a digital ‘emulation’. Nor is it a typical set of drum machine samples you might find elsewhere. It is the real authentic sound of 14 of the world’s most iconic, sought-after drum machines.

Build your dream Drum Machine in Live

Drag and Drop any of Revolution for Live’s 150 ‘Drum Machine Modules’ into your Live Rack to build your own modular dream Drum Machine! Have you ever dreamt of using a Drum Machine boasting an 808 kick, 909 snare, 707 toms, 606 hats and Linndrum percussion? Now you can, at the click of a button – the choice is yours!

Alternatively, load our pre-built full Drum Machine Kits which are available for all 14 Drum Machines, or browse hundreds of MIDI drum patterns to quickly spark your inspiration.

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