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Adam Ellis is proud to present : Adam Ellis – How To Make Money From You Music. This brand new 4h20+ video course brings you a brand new “behind-the-scenes” view of how Adam makes passive income from his music through creating content for educational purposes (tutorials, templates, …) and how you can potentially make a living from doing the same.

In the 4h20+ long video, world-renowned 7x Beatport Number 1 Producer Adam Ellis explains the ins and outs of creating Tutorials, Templates and more and selling them through online soundware labels / distributors. You will see the whole process and plenty of tricks to maximize your revenue from this activity. The course is divided into 5 sections, each section covering a different aspect of making money from your music, from making a tutorial to creating a template, organizing your content, recording your screen & microphone and sending your products to a distributor.

As a bonus when purchasing this package, you will also get one 15 minute Skype Session with Adam ellis, which is a huge opportunity to learn directly from Adam, get feedback on your productions or your content, get help on your tracks and boost your learning curve.

Who is this package for ?

This tutorial is for artists who want to earn passive income by creating musical / educational content, either part-time or as a full-time activity. The production tips are aimed at Logic Pro X users, but the tricks you will learn can also be applied in other DAWs.

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Package Contents

In each of the 5 parts of the tutorial, Adam explains various aspects of content creation and offers many production tricks. That being said, each part focuses on a specific area of the content production process, as described below:

Part 1 : Introduction + mindset + making a professional breakdown (1 hour 32 minutes)
Part 2 : Creating a tutorial + Making Acid Lines (1 hour 10 minutes)
Part 3 : Recording with Screenflow & microphone (2 minutes)
Part 4 : Creating a template (1 hour 29 minutes)
Part 5 : Preparing your content & sending it (7 minutes)
Bonus : Free 15 Minute Skype Session with Adam Ellis (see below)

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What You Will Learn

In this 4h20+ long video masterclass, Adam will show you the whole process of creating content that you can earn money from :

How to make money / passive income from your music
The right mindset you need to get started
Why it’s difficult to make money with your music releases
Recording / Exporting your content via Screenflow
Organization of your content via Dropbox or another Cloud Drive
What kind of content to create and how to do it
Learn how to create & sell tutorials & templates
How to send your content to websites
Speed up your workflow and be more productive
Facebook & Instagram marketing & advertizing
The requisites in order to get good sales with your content
and a lot more !

REQ: Adam Ellis – How To Make Money From Your Music screenshot

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