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Greetings. Robbie's got another course out now out and a share would be so appreciated


About Robbie Calvo's Write Your First Song
A Step-By-Step Video Guide for Beginner Songwriters
Anyone can write a song! And that’s exactly what you will do with Write Your First Song, an extraordinarily intuitive step-by-step guide from singer-songwriter, Nashville producer, and top TrueFire educator Robbie Calvo.

In this step-by-step guide to songwriting, you're going to learn how to develop all of the skills needed to create original music, including guitar Instrumentals and complete songs with lyrics. I've kept the theory to an absolute minimum, showing you only the information you need to know to get you up and running quickly.

You will play and compose your way through the course, writing your own original song as Robbie writes one of his own, alongside you, to illustrate the various steps in the process.

”We'll start the songwriting process by building chord progressions for each of the song sections: Intros, verse and chorus ideas and how to transition between each of those sections. We'll build a complete song framework using our chord progression ideas and then take a look at how to develop melodic ideas over each section.

We'll explore options for the rhythm, groove, and tempo of a song… because the rhythmic aspect of music is just as important as the chords, melody, and lyrics. I'll also be giving you solid advice on how to develop a song title into a complete song lyric and how to write your verses towards the chorus title and hook lines.

At the end of this course, you’ll have completed your song and I’ll play mine for you so that you can hear how it all comes together in a finished song. Let's get started!”

Robbie organized the course into a series of sections, each focused on a key aspect of songwriting. In the first section, Robbie presents a series of lessons focused on key understanding you should be aware of: What Is Rhythm?, What Is Harmony?, What Is Melody? What Are Lyrics?, What Is an Instrumental?, and What Is a Song?

Understanding the basics of major scale harmony and major scale triads is an essential tool for any songwriter. Robbie presents a series of lessons to get you up and running quickly and easily: Major Scale Harmony, Seven Melody Notes, Major Scale Triads, and Seventh Chords.

Next, you’ll dive into chord progressions — the framework for all songs: Chord Progressions, Popular Chord Progressions, Change Progression Order, and Reversing Progressions.

The section on Song Form and Song Sections reveals the importance and best practices for the key sections of a song: The Intro Section, Verse Sections, The Chorus, The Bridge Section, and The Outro Section

You’ll start writing the harmony of your song in the following section: Writing Your Harmony, Build Your Intro Progression, Exploring Options, Build Your Verse Progression, Build Your Chorus Progression, Build Your Bridge Progression, and Build Your Outro Progression
Every song needs its own distinctive feel and groove. Robbie guides your songwriting accordingly: Find Your Feel, Choosing a Groove, and Choosing a Tempo.

Whether you're writing an instrumental or a song with lyrics, the melody is critical and that’s the focus of the next section: Developing Melody, Instrumental Music, Sweet Notes, Simple Motifs, Phrasing, and Melody & Lyrics.

The final section drills down on lyric writing: Crafting Lyrics, Song Titles, First And Second Verse Lyric, The Chorus Lyric & Hook, The Bridge Lyric

As you work through each of the sections, Robbie demonstrates an appropriate part from his own song to demonstrate the key learnings from the section. Robbie also includes an assignment in each of the sections to help you craft and finish your own song.

Robbie will explain and demonstrate all of the key concepts and approaches along the way. The backing tracks are included so you can work with them on your own. In addition, you’ll be able to loop or slow down any of the videos so that you can work with the lessons at your own pace.

Grab your guitar and let’s write our first song with Robbie Calvo!

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