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Isotonik Launchsync screenshot
The LaunchSync Series began life over the coffee table in the office of Novation, the team there had an idea of syncing together their LaunchPad family with the forthcoming LaunchControl XL. As we developed the idea it became apparent that everyone has a different view of what made the perfect performance set up, whether it be an Ableton Push based one or revolve around an APC40MKII the same things became clear, but better summed up in words by Peter Kirn of Create Digital Music..

“In live electronic music, the endless free expanse of the computer screen tends to run up against the limited ability of your brain to tell just which freakin’ track am I on, anyway? In the studio, it can be annoying. Live onstage, it can be train wreck-inducing.

Ableton Live’s Session View has for years exacerbated this problem. You can limit your options to eight (or even four) tracks. But that doesn’t always work. You might need more than eight tracks for particular routings of audio or MIDI. And unless you use Device Racks and chains, you’ll also need extra tracks to switch instruments.

The LaunchSync Series is a solution to that problem. Instead of all of your controllers going their own way and controlling different parts of Live separately, they can now move in tandem. So, rather than doing scrolling on multiple devices and squinting at the screen to see where the heck you are, you can navigate on one controller and everything else follows.”


So now we move to the second iteration of the LaunchSync Series, three MaxforLive devices to bring the ultimate performance set together…

LaunchSync PRO XL

Sync together up to 6 Control surfaces aligning their Ring Focus Boxes as desired
Bi-Directional Sync between Master and Slave
Have the Master Controller move via MIDI Mapping
Auto-Sync to the Highlighted Track or Scene, and offset the Ring to have the chosen track or scene in the middle of your controller
4 banks of 24 Encoders that can be mapped to follow your Ring Focus Box dynamically
Define which tracks that will be excluded from Scene Launching
Bridge from Follow which can create Follow Actions for Scenes
LaunchSync Exclude

From a Master Controller launch scenes but Exclude specific tracks
4 banks of 24 Encoders that can follow your Ring Focus Box dynamically
Move the Master Controller by MIDI Mapping, or Auto_Sync to the Highlighted Track or Scene
Bridge from Follow which can create Follow Actions for Scenes

Set, Control and Manipulate the Loop Brace for the playing clips across 8 tracks
Synced to the Master Controller
Floating Window for visual Feedback
With compatibility for Ableton supported controllers including the Push 2, AKAI MIDI MIX, BCR 2000 etc. Please see the User Guide for further details…

LaunchSync PRO XL
Ableton Push – LE Script Provided in Download
Ableton Push 2 – LE Script Provided in Download
APCMINI XL – Isotonik Script
MIDIMIX XLE – Provided in Download
MIDIMIX XL – Isotonik Script
Behringer BCR XL – Isotonik Script
Behringer BCF XL – Isotonik Script
LaunchPad, LaunchPad S, LaunchPad MKII, LaunchPad MINI, LaunchPad PRO
LaunchKey MINI, LaunchKey 49
LaunchControl, LaunchControl XL
LaunchControl XXL – Isotonik Script
Livid Instruments – Base, Base II
Native Instruments Maschine Jam – NI Script
A&H K1 – Isotonik Script
A&H K2 – Isotonik Script
touchAble 3
Exclude Native Functionality

Ableton Push – LE Script Provided in Download
APCMINI LE – Isotonik Script
LaunchPad, LaunchPad S, LaunchPad MKII, LaunchPad MINI
LaunchPad PRO

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