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fresh releases


presets, patches, impulses, outdated
Dash Signature HQS Vol.2 Minimoog EVE WusikStation Addon-CoBaLT screenshot
Team CoBaLT | 07.25.05 | 553.55 MB
HQS Vol.2 is probably the definitive collection of sounds created and sampled in long format from a real Minimoog and sculpted by the synthisis tools in EVE and Wusik Station.You will find leads, split keyboards, basses , sound effects as well as extending the MiniMoog sound into spacial pads and synths with polyphony and stereo effects, thanks to the layering features of samplers.
Samples, outdated
Zero-G Creative Essentials Volume 8 Spices Of India CDDA WAV-EtHnO screenshot
Team EtHnO | 06.28.2004 | 346.93 MB
A hot & spicy selection of Bhangra rhythms, instruments and vocals, hits and phrases. The emphasis is on rhythm and percussion, presented as sampled loops. The Dhol, Dholok, Ghara and Tabla, amongst many others are included, as well as some enlightening vocal extracts.

The samples are grouped into homogenous "kits" of similar sounds and tempos.

Reuploaded. PiRAT

Samples, outdated
Zero-G Creative Essentials Volume 7 Dream Zone CDDA WAV-EtHnO screenshot
Team EtHnO | 06.28.2004 | 457.68 MB
This remarkable collection of ethereal sounds, atmospheres and effects was produced by one of the UK's leading synthesists, Ian Boddy. It is similar in concept to "Electric Dreamz" but less aggressive. It features pads, drones, synth & ethnic bells, sweeps, artificial environments, machine sounds, lots of atmospheric samples, analogue waves, loops and alien moods.

Reuploaded. PiRAT

Windows, outdated
RGC Audio Access Z3ta+ Virus TI VSTi v1.2 WiN RETAiL-ELiTE screenshot
Team ELiTE | 07/10/2003 | 3.31 MB
Our award-winning Waveshaping Synthesizer. z3ta+ is our top-of-the line instrument, which extends the capabilities of our virtual analog synthesizers line by introducing our exclusive Bandlimited Waveshaping technology. As a complete instrument, z3ta+ is oriented to the professional musician and sound programmer looking for uncompromised sound quality and features.
Windows, outdated
NUSofting Microrock Pro VSTi v1.0-BEAT screenshot
Team BEAT | 08/18/2004 | 687.25 KB
-microrock- is a physically modelled synthesizer with filters, distortion, overdrive, wah, chorus, vibrato and delay effect.

-microrock- is a monophonic synthesizer that is ideally suited for bass, lead and powerchord lines. It is designed to deliver an aggressive and expressive sound for solos and riffs, similar to those you might get with an electric bass or an electric guitar through some pedal effects.
Windows, outdated
NUSofting Fat Machine VSTi v1.2-0xdBass screenshot
Team 0xdBass | 07/15/2003 | 1.75 MB
It is an easy to use, high quality virtual analogue synthesizer, with many powerful and unique features for its small size. Fat Machine posseses the capability to realise a remarkably agressive or crystal clear sound, you decide!

Fat Machine is the perfect synth for nasty leads and huge warm basses, or trancy arpeggios with a constantly evolving sound. And dont miss its incredible fat analogue kicks and percussions.
Windows, outdated
NUSofting Mother Ship Astrobelt VSTi v1.2-BEAT screenshot
Team BEAT | 11/27/2003 | 863.20 KB
Mother Ship Astrobelt is a high quality, alias free, virtual analogue synthesizer, with an intuitive interface, and sporting many unique features for its small size. Though designed to create cool, sweeping pads, Mother Ship is a powerful and flexible synth, capable of a wide range of sounds from rich pads and otherworldly percussion, to trancy, morphing arpeggios and chemical bass lines.

Close attention has been paid to the musical nature of Mother Ship strobelt's feature set, ensuring easy editing and high creativity.
Windows, outdated
Linplug daOrgan VSTi v2.1.1-H2O screenshot
Team H2O | 10-06-04 | 3.88 MB
daOrgan features all of the controls found on the original B3 as well as a sophisticated rotary speaker simulation. These features have been incorporated into an easy-to-use interface, capable of producing a wide range of classic and modern organ sounds.
Windows, outdated
Linplug Delta III VSTi v3.0-PARADOX screenshot
Team PARADOX | 05.14.02 | 5.14 MB
The Delta III is simple to use, but far from simplistic. We think it's the most complete "virtual analogue" synth currently available. If your sounds need to cover the full range from decent to devilish then it's the ideal instrument!
Windows, outdated
White Noise Additive Synth VSTi v1.31-BEAT screenshot
Team BEAT | 03/28/2005 | 5.00 MB
An additive synthesizer focused around converting images to sound. You can visually draw the spectrum, import .BMP files, analyze .WAV's, and load pre-made spectrums. Features two 128 partial "spectral oscillators" which can morph and change over time, and two formant filters for filtering / vocal / vocoding effects. Also has built in effects modulation matrix, and more.
Windows, outdated
TP Works T-Pulse v1.03-H2O screenshot
Team H2O | 12-13-05 | 2.09 MB
6 Oscillators

The T-Pulse comes with 2 oscillator groups. The first group has 3 osc.: SAW, SINE, and a SQUARE waveform. The second group has also a SAW and a SQUARE but instead of a sine it comes with a TRIANGLE. Both oscillator groups can be pitched down or up by 4 octaves. To add some bass, there is a sub oscillator which you can use as a SQUARE or a PULSE waveform. This oscillator can also be pitched.
Samples, outdated
Kirk Hunter Virtuoso Series Solo Strings Full Edition Giga-AI screenshot
Team AI | 10-07-2003 | 5.10 GB
The Virtuoso Series Solo String Library is designed to be an extremely flexible multi-sample collection containing over 500 instruments! The focus is on single, multi-sample notes rather than “riffs” or “phrases”, though some popular arpeggios and scales are included in the solo violin.

Reuploaded. PiRAT

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