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  Resident 9.12.2008 5 878
Yesterday I noticed the new 'replies' add on the page.
I'm sure it will be fine, I really appreciated it this.
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  Resident 4.02.2014 4 259
Not sure if related, but I am not getting the emails about new posts anymore. I tried to subscribe again, but it tells me that I am subscribed already. Does anyone know a fix for this?
  Administrator 1.01.2004 299 1105
need more feedback on this from other members, to understand if this is a single case or more member experience this problem.
  Resident 27.07.2017 303
quote by SAiNTneed more feedback on this from other members, to understand if this is a single case or more member experience this problem.

Hello Saint.
The only notifications I receive are personal messages. I don't receive the others.
  Resident 4.02.2014 4 259
Yep. Same.
  Resident 15.09.2013 164
Hi SAiNT , no more emails about new posts here .
  Member 10.01.2020 145
the Comment has been Removed
  Resident 28.01.2016 2 627
This is great and was more needed than it seems, thanks SAiNT
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  Resident 26.08.2013 872
Thanks SAiNT, Be Safe.
  Resident 27.07.2017 303
I find it interesting to receive notifications here on the site. In my case, I open it several times a day, much more than my email. So for me, it is better to see the notifications here.
  Resident 5.06.2020 7 351
Something I've been wanting for a long time. Thanks!
  Resident 27.05.2022 39 497
Good idea. Easier to engage with others. Plus your email stays clean
  Resident 10.09.2018 1 625
I like it already a lot! It's so much more uncluttered! Great Job! and Thanks!
  Resident 27.07.2017 303
This new option is working very well. Yesterday and today I got two notifications of replies here in the mailbox of the site and you see them as soon as you log in.
  Resident 18.12.2015 245
Oh this is a huge improvement. Far more convenient. Thanks for the upgrade @Saint
  Resident 5.06.2020 7 351
@SAiNT I think it would be a good idea to change the "subscribe to comments" check option to "unsubscribe to comments", because at least I always forget to subscribe to them. I think it should be subscribed by default.
  Resident 27.07.2017 303
if I forget too
  Member 17.01.2022 80
good information!!!!!!!
  Resident 25.10.2014 16 403
The email notifications never worked for me. Nice to see a new method.
  Resident 27.07.2017 303
You know what I've noticed unlike the sister site? that for example. I subscribed to follow a post of Ozone 10. and it tells me that I have 34 unread repiles. That is, I would have to open them one by one until it shows 0. That is, if you have 34 repiles in the same publication, at first it doesn't mark all 34, it marks only 1, and then you see all the others.
It doesn't bother me, because I open and read all the messages. But for you to take into account, I mean, maybe it would be good like the sister site. You have 34 repiles, well, you open the publication and the 34 disappear. I hope I have explained myself.
  Resident 5.06.2020 7 351
YES. I noticed as well. Very annoying, and have to mark as read every single time. This needs to be fixed!!
  Administrator 1.01.2004 299 1105
interesting observation. thank you
  Resident 9.05.2014 8 717
finally. thanks Saint

It is a crucial update for the web site.
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