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I'd like to announce a new web-site which is very similar to AudioZ, but made for those who work with Video:

MultimediaZ - Professional Video Software Blog screenshot

there is a huge field behind this industry, and our analysis showed that there is no support for folks like us.

Just like AudioZ in it's time, MultimediaZ is the first dedicated resource for people who work with Video.

I hope you will support the idea and spread the word


  Member 23.09.2010 73
Not getting confirmation email either
  Administrator 1.01.2004 301 1140
email problems have been solved. registration works as it should now wink
however, it is obvious that most mail providers will treat MultimediaZ letters as spam, so that's where you should look for the confirmation letter yes

Too much clutter (annoying background and borders, cramped space for images, black text on dark website

you should simply calibrate your monitor...
  Resident 4.11.2010 1 1078
Too much clutter (annoying background and borders, cramped space for images, black text on dark website, strange gothic color theme, etc).

Try Firefox with NoSquint-Addon, let's you customize colors, background etc.
  guest -- 0
OMG I tried out Hitfilm HOLY SHIT ( pardon for the language)

I watched some hollywood "makings of" and I paid attention to the behind the scene cameras
and out of all "the makings of" I notice one thing in all of them the issue of shooting at 24 frames is a big concerd to get the movie feel ( not look as many apps can do that already)

The issue has always been the problem of "why the hell are the europeans shooting in 25 frames and here we are stuck at 29!!!

It's not complicated though PAL is a younger video system so they started out with better ideas. Remember their AC cycle 50 hz vs 60 here. Those played a lot on the frame rate.

I bought a Canon HFR 100 AVCHD that has 24P shooting which is unheard of in the sub $300 price range. it also shoots 60i/ 30 P as well

Let me tell you 29 frames kill the movie look right away even at 30P. Then the issue of transcoding from 29 to 24 sucks. So my idea is to shoot the frame rate that you will edit and put out on. I have used the 24 P of this canon and it's fantastic. I used some clips in Hitfilm and the level of Video tech available to regular comsumers is finally the way it should of been!!!.
The noise reduction in Hitfilm is outstanding!!. Used on one clip from my other cheap camera crap it's really great!!! dark scene with a lot of digital noise and the noise reduction effect made the video look like PRO!!
  Resident 12.07.2012 1 174
Espectacular sitio, me gusta, gracias por el link wink
  Member 3.05.2012 30
Big Thanks to all.
Love it Very much.
Hope it continues...

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