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David Sanborn R.I.P on 12 May 2024 screenshot
David Sanborn recently passed away. He was perhaps the most influential saxophonists in modern music and, together with Miles Davis and Herbie Hancock, invented contemporary jazz-fusion music. R.I.P David


  Contributor 18.05.2021 1565 856
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  Member 21.09.2022 39
He was a young American...
  Member 16.10.2023 1 16
Truly a jazz great.
  Resident 26.08.2013 896
Another great one gone - RIP
  Resident 16.03.2013 812
Rest in power! amazing musician!
Para-para-parAUDIOZ/SEX! Whoa-oh-oh oh-oooh oh-oh-oh...
  Member 7.09.2017 79
I remember an episode of Night Music with guest Curtis Mayfield.
Curtis was old and maybe missed a cue, starting a verse of People Get Ready a couple of bars too soon.
Sanborn just barged overtop of him, blasting his tank sax tone and humiliating Curtis, who stopped singing.
I never forgot that and always thought Sanborn was an egotistical shit for pulling a stunt like that on an old man, even if it was his solo time.
You don't have to be a decent human to be a decent musician, apparently
I miss the old days when you could just plug in and play.
  Member 5.12.2022 37
bye bye David, you enlightened my youth in the 70's
  Resident 3.12.2007 14 17
R.I.P. David ♥
  Member 23.03.2015 56 341
Great saxophone player but not with the best tone. Ernie Watts is the one with a tone that sounds like he's crying... which makes me cry... such a emotional player...

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