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Anybody else have problems with True Pianos 1.5 (AiR)? I didn't until I upgraded Kaspersky Internet Security to 2011 and it suddenly disappeared. KIS won't let the plugin dll run, says there's something in it. Anybody know how to get KIS to turn it loose??


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All anti virus have an exclusion list facility. Listed KIS as a program to be excluded from scanning and u are set.
  Resident 21.11.2008 6 12
Same problem since i updated KAV, only the .exe was removed, I only use the VSTi plugin and it's still working.
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go ->settings ->last tb ->Treats and exclusions -> exclusion settings -> add aplication in trust .... that's all ...
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Is a false positive!, don't worry, add it to exclusions as already been said.
  Resident 7.02.2009 1 800
It's a false positive as it has been said already. For all of you with automatic deletion enabled in KAS/KAV you can restore the file from the quarantine and add it to the exclusion list.
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a work pc with internet & antivirus = bad idea :(

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