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headphone profile sound id reference 5 Impulse Responses: The role of milliseconds? Whadda you think, guys - am I safe here? (a 'use of voice clone' question) LF: Genome. TESTING Pulsar Modular MDN EQ and... How to set the compressor for this bass? Je n'arrive pas à installer mes librairies sur K7 légitime, help ? Metropolis (Samplitude) UAD Thunderbolt Apollo is not being detected by PC What can I do about .dlls and there performance in my sessions?


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fresh releases

Samples » presets, patches, impulses
Kamui Virus Soundset II for Virus TI screenshot
ESSENTIAL SOUNDS FOR VIRUS! After the huge success of the first soundset for Virus synthesizers and a banging soundbank for ReFX's Nexus 2, Dominik Felsmann of Kamui is back with another gold mine full of sounds. With even more crunchy basslines, screaming hooks, and tons of unheard presets, this one is the perfect addition to its predecessor. Just like the first soundset, this one will work in pretty much any electronic genre - so get it now! YOU MUST OWN AN ACCESS VIRUS FOR THIS PATCH TO WORK!!! NO REFUNDS!!!
Samples » presets, patches, impulses
Easy Sounds - Advanced Analog Soundset for Access Virus screenshot
A movable feast of both classic and current analog sounds, on the menu are synth basses, lead synths, synth brass, hooks, pads, strings, sweeps, organs, arpeggios and sequencer sounds. No fussy nouvelle cuisine here, all of these meat & potato sounds were cooked up for practical use in real-world musical applications. And for desert you get a cornucopia of tones that sound sweet as sin with the onboard arpeggiator and outboard sequencers.
Samples » presets, patches, impulses
CFA Sound - V-Bass for Virus TI screenshot
CFA-Sound is back with V-Bass – a huge Virus TI soundset that delivers some serious weapons for mass destruction: aggressive dirty electro sounds, percussive and massive bassline tools completed with wild sequences and thrilling guitar sounds. Just load the soundset into your Virus TI, choice the basses you like or inspiring you, and you are ready to go – all what you need for your next monster bassline.
Samples » presets, patches, impulses
CFA Sound - Thrillogy 1 for Virus TI screenshot
CFA-Sound - Thrillogy-1 - Virus TIPush your Virus TI to the maximum with the Thrillogy-1 soundset. Through the contained 128 patches you get access to a heavy inspiring and absolutely suitable arsenal of top-notch sounds for trance, tech-trance and all other matching music styles, which needing raw and punching basses, wide and powerful leads, robust synths, dreamy plucks followed with wild sequences and unique fx-effects. In short – a must have for every trance producer with a Virus TI on the desktop.
Samples » presets, patches, impulses
Plughugger - Blue for Virus TI screenshot
This collection of sounds contain 128 new sounds, and here we’ve tried to cover everything. Vintage pads, massive modern stacks, über-digital pads, pads with rhythmical movement, swells and mellow synth strings. There are even some plucks and gut wrenching ambient soundscapes as well.

Each preset uses the three soft knobs, modulation wheel as well as aftertouch.
Samples » presets, patches, impulses
Lucid Samples - Airmax Pads [Virus Ti Soundset] screenshot
128 amazing, warm, deep, airy, utopian, fantasy 'pad' sounds is what is featured in this bank of samples for Virus Ti ! It is a thematic soundset, filled to the full with nice presets. A feast for musicians music producers wanting to warm up, deepen and broaden their productions, or to add a bit of fantasy to them. Great, full-sounding 'warm pads', penetrating 'deep sines' high-pitched and chiming 'ring pads', new age 'flute pads' or the one-off, hissing pads, are only a part of the whole fun. Is there any place like this where you can find so many great sounding pads? Using Airmax Pads Soundset is a sheer pleasure and may become a great inspiration. Please listen to the demo, in which we wanted to include at least some of the pads.
Samples, multi-libraries, Kontakt, loops, presets, patches, impulses
Loopmasters House Vocal Sessions MULTiFORMAT screenshot
AUDIOSTRiKE 03/03/2015 | 1.05 GB
Loopmasters proudly present a brand new royalty-free collection of Vocal acapellas, by the incredible RnB Diva; Sheree Hicks.

House Vocal Session is a soulful collection of Dance vocals, with over 1.5 GB of Acapellas, Hooks and Short Phrases recorded and arranged by Scott Diaz at tempos of 120, 125 and 126 BPM. The collection features 12 full vocal tracks, with separate audio stems for Chorus, Lead, Harmony, Hooks and Ad Libs... plus a bonus selection of over 200 extra hooks, short phrases and vocal hits.

Reuploaded. Strike

Samples » presets, patches, impulses
Fabled Audio - Bonus Serum Presets, LFO, Shapes screenshot
Intrinsic | 02-03-2015 | 12 MB
These shapes are organized into 8 categories: envelopes, bipolar sequences, unipolar sequences, curves, X-Shaper, Remap, Wobbles and miscellaneous shapes. Envelope shapes include one shots and sequences. Bipolar sequences are generally semitone sequences and are designed to modulate from the center position unless an offset is indicated. Unipolar sequences modulate from the bottom position. The miscellaneous category includes the remaining modulation shapes such as utility shapes.
Samples » presets, patches, impulses
Fabled Audio - The Fabled Serum Soundset Update screenshot
Intrinsic | 02-03-2015 | 8 MB
The Fabled Serum soundset includes 108 patches for Xfer Serum. These presets will add a touch of cinematic fusion to your tracks regardless of style. The soundbank includes plucks, pads, synths, effects, drum kit pieces and more with a special emphasis on CPU and mix friendly sequences. A brief user guide is included as well for getting the most out of your new soundset.


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