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Ask Video Amplitube 3 TUTORiAL screenshot
SYNTHiC4TE | July 18 2012 | 149 MB
Amplitube 3 is a virtual guitar amplifier featuring rack & stomp effects, cabinet simulation with multiple amplifier choices and an infinite amount of tone creation possibilities. Designed with great attention to detail, Amplitube 3’s amp modelling capability is recognized by Fender, Orange, Ampeg and many other leading amplifier manufacturers due to its accurate tone reproduction using IK Multimedia’s third generation DSM™ technology.

The tutorial is designed to show you all the ins and outs of this plugin so that you can become a tone creation wizard. We will guide you through the basic use of the plugin within a DAW followed by some more advanced stylized tone creation examples. We will also throw in some helpful tricks that you would not expect from a guitar modelling plugin.

If you have used a guitar effects processor before, be prepared to totally rethink the way you create and store your sounds. The series is designed to really harness your tone creation capabilities with useful audio examples. This way, instead of relying on a preset to shape your tone, you will learn to create your sounds from the ground up. We will show you how to combine the Pre-Amp from one brand with an EQ from another. This way, you can choose and build your own custom sound. A simple dry guitar chord played into your computer can now be filtered through Amplitube 3 opening the doors to a venue near you.

Amplitube 3 Tutorial Content:

16 high quality professional videos

Introduction and Setup
Plugging in and Tuning your guitar
General Overview - Routing and Layout Descriptions
Patches, Presets & the Browser
Stand Alone Mode
Creating Custom Amplifiers - Custom Shop
Rock Rhythm Sounds - Amps
Rock Lead Sounds - using the Racks & feedback stomp
Jazz Tone - Stomp pedals
Delays - Stomp and Rack
Blues - Reverbs
Funky sounds with the wah pedal
Bass Guitar
Metal - Cabinets and Microphones
Vocal Tricks - Harmonizer

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