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Brett Mannings - Mastering Vibrato DYNAMiCS screenshot
Brett Mannings - Mastering Vibrato-DYNAMiCS | 549MB
Long considered one of the most artistically challenging vocal skills, a beautiful vibrato quality is often what creates the world's most memorable singing voices. Is your vibrato radio-ready?

Brett Manning's Mastering Vibrato is for singers of all skill levels who want to take control of their vibrato once and for all. Using a series of easy-to-follow training exercises of gradually increasing difficulty, Brett Manning breaks this seeming complex and often frustrating technique into easily manageable parts.

By the time you have graduated this three-CD course
, you will have total mastery of your vibrato. You will control both its speed and delineation effortlessly. Your lovely vibrato will have become such a natural part of your sound that you'll wonder how you ever got by without it! You will learn to increase and decrease the speed of your vibrato, adjust your vibrato style to fit various musical genres, master the intricacies of note blending, turn your vibrato on and off at will, and much, much more.

You will also learn how everyone's vibrato is different and how to use your natural vibrato quality to make your voice more distinctive. Once you've mastered it, your vibrato will be one more color in your vocal palate with which to paint your masterpieces.

Benefits of a Great Vibrato:

* It releases tension in the voice
* It adds color and variation to tone quality
* It helps tune the voice naturally
* It increases the singers means of artistic expression
* It is essential for creating a unique soloist sound

Perhaps you're a young singer who's never quite mastered your vibrato. Perhaps your an older singer who's vibrato has slowed and now has that wobbly quality common among older voices. Perhaps you were trained as a choir singer and were taught to sing with no vibrato at all. Perhaps you want a strong rock/opera vibrato like metal singers Bruce Dickinson, Geoff Tate or Rob Halford. Or maybe you have an 'okay' vibrato but want to have total mastery of it, so that you'll have it at your command to use as artistically as you'd like. Whatever your reason, Brett Manning's Mastering Vibrato 3-CD singing lesson will help you do just that -- master your vibrato, once and for all!

About Brett Manning:
<!--QuoteEBegin-->Brett Manning is one of the world's most sought after vocal coaches and has become widely recognized for his ability to 'see with his ears' exactly what is happening inside a singer's throat. He teaches voice to some of the world's best singers in his Nashville studio, as well as at seminars and workshops nationwide. Brett works with artists from Capitol, Columbia, Atlantic, Interscope, Dreamworks, Lyric Street, MCA, Epic/Sony, KMG, Word, Embassy, Gotee Records, as well as countless independent record labels. He has worked with the casts of various Broadway musicals and is currently coaching the Broadway tour of Elton John's Aida. His client list contains winners of the world’s most prestigious vocal awards, including the Doves, the CMA Awards, and yes, the Grammies. Despite having an incredible five octave range himself, Brett continues to claim 'all my students eventually out-sing me!'

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