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Truefire - Doug Munro : 30 Killer Comping Concepts for the Organ Trio Guitarist screenshot

Publisher: Truefire | Language: English
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The traditional B-3, drums, and guitar trio present a unique situation for comping. When the organist solos, he usually plays the solo with his right hand and the bass with his left hand. That leaves the guitarist in charge of the harmony as well as the key person in the rhythmic presentation of the group. Not only does the guitarist have to fill the harmonic and rhythmic "void", he/she has to react to and help build the organists solo.
Doug Munro’s 30 Killer Comping Concepts for the Organ Trio Guitarist delivers priceless insight and 30 versatile approaches for comping in this specific type of situation.
Doug Munro is a veteran of the New York music scene with 17 albums to his credit as a leader and over 75 recordings as a sideman, producer, and arranger working with a diverse array of artists including Dr. John, Michael Brecker, and Dr. Lonnie Smith. Doug has over 75 original published compositions and over 300 recorded arrangements performed by some of the finest players in the world.
”I’ll demonstrate 30 "go to" comping concepts that you can mix and match to build and maintain great comping ideas in an organ trio. We'll cover a variety of organ trio styles from Blues to Bebop, Latin to Funk, Ballads to Blistering up-tempos. I'm eager to share with you all I've learned over the past 30 years as a working guitarist.”
For each of the 30 concepts, Doug will first demonstrate the concept over a rhythm track and then break it down for you by explaining the approach behind the concept, and showing you the chord chord voicings he used. You’ll play your way through the entire course, greatly expanding your chord vocabulary and comping acumen.
The 30 Coming Concepts include: 3 & 4 Note Chord Voicings, Moving a Line on the Bottom, Moving a Line on Top, Repetition, Dotted Quarter/Eighth Swing, Syncopated Triplet Shuffle, Two Feel Swing, Broken Two Feel Swing, Triplet Ballad, Implied Double Time Ballad, Pedaling Using a Note on Top, Pedaling Using a Note on the Bottom, Quarter Notes: Freddie Green Style Swing, Quarter Note Swing, Funk 16th Note Rhythm 1, Funk 16th Note Rhythm 2, Funk 16th Note Rhythm 3, Funk 16th Note Rhythm 4, Funk 16th Note Rhythm 5, Funk 16th Note Rhythm/Single Notes, Funk 16th Note Rhythm/Double Stops, Funk 16th Note Rhythm Combing Single Notes and Chords, Scale Tone Chords and Passing Diminished Chords Swing, Scale Tone Chords and Passing Diminished Chords Funk, Chromatic Approach Chords Swing, Chromatic Approach Chords Funk, Tritone Sub Swing, Tritone Sub Shuffle, Tritone Sub Ballad, and Non-diatonic Triads Swing.
All of the performance studies are charted with chord grids for your practice, reference and study purposes. Plus, Doug includes all of the backing tracks for you to work with on your own.
Grab your guitar and let’s comp up a storm with our B3 trio and Doug Munro!

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